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Body odour after axillary clearance

Laurie777Laurie777 Member Posts: 16
After right axillary clearance ten years ago, and following the weird chemical odours during chemo, I realised my right armpit (where clearance was) was heaps whiffier than the left.
I have tried so many deodorants, anti bac soaps, anti bac wipes - everything - yet could get out of the shower and still have a horrible strong and stale BO situation in that armpit. Does my head in over summer when it’s hotter! I had despaired of ever finding an answer. Plus worried about the chemicals in these strong deodorants I was using.
I tried No Pong, a natural paste deodorant, a week ago and I am ecstatic that this is doing the trick.
No more stinky pit at the start of a day when you should be fresh!
I would recommend trying. I’m pretty happy with results.



  • kamadakamada Member Posts: 70
    @Loz At first I thought you were asking for suggestions and I was going to say that I also noticed an increase in BO since treatment started and wanted a gentler solution as sometime next year radiation will commence. After a tip from my son I started using Sukin deodorant (a pump spray). I just love it! Not a trace of BO even after 24 hours and no nasty ingredients. It isn't an anti-perspirant but that doesn't worry me. My gym going son is very happy because his clothes no longer retain a sweaty smell after washing like they used to. It is about $6 a bottle and goes a long way so not expensive. I wish I had found it years ago. 
    PS I don't have shares in the company!!
  • Laurie777Laurie777 Member Posts: 16
    Does it leave any stains on clothes?
  • kamadakamada Member Posts: 70
    @Loz  Not a mark! 😊 I am pretty sure my son’s t shirts are no longer getting that awful hard build up on the underarms either.
  • Katy_SodapopKaty_Sodapop Member Posts: 50
    I have this smell too! On my left, where nodes removed. It's such an odd odour and immediately transports me back to diagnosis almost 6 years ago 
  • ShakalkerShakalker Tamworth NSWMember Posts: 84
    Hi everyone, I have pretty much the opposite problem.
    I am finding that aside from a very mild “glow” where my skin on my torso feels slightly moist, I don’t sweat! 
    This is so hard as I work in Bunnings and the store is soooooo hot.
    The only way I can manage this is constantly wet my shirt and head and allow what little breeze there is in store to dry me out creating a cooling effect.
    When I don’t do this I overheat and feel like I’m having a panic attack as it makes me feel really sick, last week on Sunday I made it home before I started vomiting.
    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Im not sure if it an after effect of chemo or radiation.

  • jintiejintie MelbourneMember Posts: 114
    @Shakalker yes.  I’m the same.  I find that the radiated area, especially the foob does not sweat.  I can tell, especially after personal training - one side is sweaty, the other side is not.
  • StarGirlStarGirl Member Posts: 118
    @Shakalker, I’m the same. I don’t sweat at all on the side of the axilla clearance either. I don’t find I overheat though, that sounds very unpleasant. 
  • JoardenJoarden Member Posts: 57
    Must try that, thank you!!! Sweat easily, and smell like a truck driver!! My husband says its my imagination, but its not..its a weird combination of BO and a  sickly sweet " medical" odour. Sorry about being do graphic, its great that people are do supportive here..can I.just ask please Loz is it from the supermarket or need a script??
  • Laurie777Laurie777 Member Posts: 16
    Joarden it's available online and through some health shops, google No Pong and see what works for you, good luck!

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