Dense Breast Tissue and MBI. Molecular Breast Imaging


  • Nefertari
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    @arpie that is a significant difference!
  • arpie
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    No doubt it will be a decade before it is made available in Australia - even with a fee.  Tho some mightn't like the idea of the radiotracer dye being inserted - but I'd do it in a flash!
  • ddon
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    That’s freaky. I had an MRI before my lumpectomy to check if my two tumours were all there was and it didn’t pick up 1.8 cm of non invasive lcis and dcis. So then back for full mastectomy when it was picked up on pathology. That test above needs to be here for us very dense breasted ladies 
  • Nefertari
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    @arpie, me too!