I'm not hideously disfigured...

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I had a left side mastectomy on Tuesday. I have been really scared to look in the mirror. Finally worked up the courage today. I am ok, surprised myself....still me. Next step check up on Tuesday. Then more waiting to see if I need further treatment. I really want a bra now, but will wait till I'm less tender. My husband loves me, my teen boys laugh with me. Learning to love and accept the new me.


  • kmakm
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    That is such a beautiful post! Bought a tear to my eye @jamavon. Just lovely. K xox  :*<3
  • Afraser
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    Excellent. No, you are not defined by your left breast. Up to you entirely what you do but after seven years I am still not defined by my missing left breast and on good terms with the rest of me. The new you can be a good thing even if the process is one you would never willingly choose. Best regards. 
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    @jamavon I had a left side masectomy and like you I didn't want to look at it straight away even when the doctor came to check I turned my head away. Then l next day really need to shower so I closed my eyes first before I under dressed when I opened and looked in the mirror I was actually okay with one missing breast. And almost 6 weeks post op it I'm used it now and with the breast insert you could not tell if I had surgery or not. 
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    That's terrific, @jamavon. Well done xx . 

    I can remember the same sense of relief after my own surgery & it was much less extensive than your own.  I was quite prepared to have the whole thing off, if the surgeon decided that once he started the surgery.

    Well done, @Karenp23 too.  

    We are all so much more 'just a boob'  ;)  Tho I can also sympathise with those who find it hard to come to terms with the loss.  xx

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    I actually like my flat side better now. My remaining breast needs a reduction and lift. It had a hard life of breast feeding and breast pumping for 1 then twins..all born prematurely. 😊
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    @jamavon, you have a great attitude, well done you.  I didn't have a masectomy but I was told at first that I would need one. I knew what to expect as many lovely ladies at the hospital kindly gave me a viewing of theirs and you are right they are not hideous in any way. I am truly grateful for these generous ladies who helped me cope with the anxiety of the "unknown".
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    @Jamavon, thanks for sharing this. Its just what I needed to hear. I am due for right breast mastectomy this coming wednesday and I was mentally cripled by the thought of having one boob.

    I love how @Afraser says that the boob does not define us❤.

    My husband seems to have embraced my upcoming new image and in my head am like, 'easy for you, you are not the one losing a boob'.

    But I guess like everything else, love, happiness, peace etc.... it has to be from the inside out. If I accept my nrw image inwardly then the outside appearance will not be a big deal.