Cancer is the biggest c#%t ever!

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It’s been 9 months since my lumpectomy, 6 months since radiation and think I’ve found another lump 😔
 I’ve been having pains in my breast over the last couple of weeks which only really started since getting back in to the gym and exercise (a month ago) GP put it down to muscle strain and I thought so too....but today I started to feel around and it’s firm on another side of my breast to the surgery and I felt a lump in a different area to the first one.
I’m freaking out. How I’ll stay sane until I get the proper checks done...I don’t know
I honestly wish it would just f%#* off


  • Trikki2
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    Im so sorry to hear this. I'm not gonna lie, it is hard to stay sane. I usually hop in my bubble to process everything and then just keep busy, trying not to think about it. It's just the gift that keep on giving isnt it. Sucks and it's definitely a c...
    All the best, thinking of you xxx

  • Marleywoo
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    Thank you Trikki2 for your lovely message. Yes I do that too...I’ll try to stay busy as well. Take care xo 
  • strongtogether
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    Don't just automatically assume the worst.
    I find it helpful to deal with the problem you know you have, and don't try to solve a problem that you haven't actually got.
     Wish you well.

  • Marleywoo
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    Thank you for the advice and well wishes. I appreciate it
  • kezmusc
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    Hey @Marleywoo,

    This thing definitely sux for sure.  Have things checked out properly of course. Our brains always go to worst case scenario when there's a good chance its not.
     It's been close to three years since my surgery and these poor boobs go through a lot.  Scar tissue builds up and radiation doesn't do tissue any favours.  I think I would be hard pushed to notice any changes really.  There's hard bits, soft bits, ouchy bits on and off.  Sometimes it pulls, hurts etc and then it goes away.  Honestly reading my scan reports you'd wonder the thing even looks half normal. :smile: 
    All the best lovely.  Stay busy for the moment.

  • Marleywoo
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    Hi Kezmusc,

    Thank you for your message and support! 
    I’ve calmed down since I posted and definitely tried to put things in to perspective. I panicked and thought the worst, you’re right. I do forget how much the body and boobs have gone through in the last year and will continue to go through in the healing process. 
    I’m getting it checked out this week so 🤞🏼
    Thanks again 

  • Mahaica
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    I still have a hard bit to my breast after the lumpectomy , my surgeon told me it is scar tissue from the surgery.