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Went to see my plastic surgeon today about getting the other breast off and reconstruction. Well you would think I would be so happy, but when the Dr asked me why I wanted the other breast off just started to cry and did so on and off during the consultation. The Dr asked me was I like this all the time , must of thought I was a real nutter.

Now on waiting list any time in the next 12mths, no longer.Decided on implants .

Well moving house in the next 3 weeks having a sea change for 12mths before I buy another place. Only renting as I could not afford to buy in the area. Always wanted to live near the beach.




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    Hi Debbie, sorry I missed you today. I should have sent you the message earlier than today. I'm glad you have finally seen your surgeon, and now on a waiting list. Isn't it a huge weight off your mind once you decided on a plan? I have never ever regretted my decision to have the second mastectomy, even with my complication that arose 3 weeks ago in Perth. That is nearly all healed now and I begin my expansions this Friday.
    Where are you moving to in 3 weeks?
    Love Chris xx
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    Im sure your Dr is used to tears in his/her rooms. And well done on your decision. I went to see my surgeon a few weeks ago for my 6mth check up and was worried that he might try to push me into a reconstruction. I am no where near that decision yet , even thinking of having the other breast removed. I am constantly checking it and worry that I may get another primary in that breast. All the best for your move, Cheers Hilary