Swings and Roundabouts

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Good Morning All,

I’m week 2 of my second round of fortnightly AC. The first fortnight when I reported in to my Oncologist and she asked “How have you been”  I said “Surprisingly good, constipation in first week and felt queasy most afternoons and evenings, but not too bad.” 
Wait til she asks next week, Answers going to be, ok for first three days, then constipated, felt sick, tired, lethargic, sleeping, diarrhoea, night 7 sat up n watched the clock tick feeling so sick, diarrhoea, oh yeah and my hair fell out with 1000s of little pin pricks.

LOL I suppose it’s going to be swings n roundabouts!
Hope your week has been better.


  • Sister
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    Sorry that it's hit you so bad in the second round - the first is often the worst.  Don't suffer nausea - ring the clinic and ask for better meds.  I made that mistake when a phone call could have fixed it.  The onc put me on Ativan for nausea and Somac for reflux.  I slept a lot (Ativan makes you drowsy) but it worked so well.
  • MattyBoy
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    Thank you, I will do that.
  • arpie
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    So Sorry you are having these extremes .... as @Sister says, get the better meds asap.  Start taking them on the day the nausea usually sets in - or the night before - BEFORE it sets in .....     When my husband was going thru his chemo - he basically put himself to bed after day 3 & slept for the next 2-3 days - so hope your sleep pattern rectifies too. xxx