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Flying after mastectomy

BeveyBevey Member Posts: 5
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Hello all,

Thanks in advance for your comments.  I am 5 weeks post a skin and nipple sparing single mastectomy with immediate implant on top of the muscle. Margins are not clear so I will be back in surgery in a few weeks to have the nipple and skin removed (gutted but that’s another post). 

I have an annual girls weekend coming up that I would love to get to (flights and accommodation pre paid before all this came about). It will be 7.5 weeks post original surgery and involves a one hour domestic flight. Does anyone know if it will be ok to travel by air 7.5 weeks post surgery? Could the implant explode? Sorry if that’s a stupid question!!

 I am really nervous about it and won’t go if there is any chance of a complication etc...

thank you


  • Annie CAnnie C Member Posts: 714

    I did not have a mastectomy so I am unable to answer your question regarding the exploding implant, others will be able to answer that question. I had a lumpectomy.

    However in the 6 weeks from diagnosis to post surgery visit I had 4 return flights of 3 hours each way, (I live 2,300km from my treatment centre). 

    The flight 2 weeks post surgery was interesting. I do find that landing is especially difficult as the plane always seems to thump heavily on the tarmac on touchdown. Maybe I am just slightly conscious of my mutilated boob. I still do tend to grab and hold my right breast on landing!

    However the problem I do have with flying since surgery, is that I have COPD /Asthma overlap and always seem to pick up chest infections. I now wear a face mask whilst flying to and from my checkup appointments. I have got over the "how silly I must look" thoughts. A thought for yourself if you are prone to chest infections.

    Given the number of flights, time and distance in those 6 weeks no doctor ever told me it was not wise to fly.

    If you are in doubt have a checkup with your GP and if all is good - go. The boost to your self esteem or feeling good about yourself will be just the thing.

    The first flight where I went somewhere nice was just what I needed. For the first time in a long time the flight I took had nothing to do with BC. It was just for me, even if I had to leave from the same regional airport and the memories were difficult. 

    Take care and do enjoy your very important weekend away.

    Big hugs and warm, very warm Kimberley wishes.

  • BeveyBevey Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it. You have given me some hope! My surgeon is away so I can’t ask her but I do have a McGrath nurse I plan on asking this week. Thanks again and all the very best to you xo
  • Karenp23Karenp23 Member Posts: 19
    Hi I have had implants before for a breast augmentation I flew with them 10 days post op and my surgeon reassured me that it was safe to fly and my implants will not explode (yes I too asked and felt a bit silly when I did) but hey if you dont ask you wont know. My flights were over 6 hours and all was ok. This was 6 years ago now and just recently I had to have them removed for my masectomy with hope to replace when I have my reconstruction surgery later.
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,957
    There are no silly questions. Planes these days are well pressurized and silicone is pretty stable. I flew with expanders in (with permission) and sat there convinced that I could feel them getting larger. Which was nonsense, but that is how our brains can work. Regardless, they were still in the same place when I disembarked. Do talk to your BCN though--always a good idea. 
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