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Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,977
edited September 2019 in Newly diagnosed
This online community is family to all who wish to join. I tried to join early on in my diagnosis but my iPad wouldn’t let me. Four months in I was finally able to join and while stalking as a guest was helpful, joining added a support that was much needed and appreciated. If you are hesitant that someone might recognise who you are, use a sign-in name with no connection to yourself. This disease deprives us of so much and people on here understand that. Here you will find people who are newly diagnosed, mid active treatment, end treatment, long term treatment, and done and dusted. Whatever stage you are at, you are welcome to join our family. Sending big hugs to you all.


  • NefertariNefertari Member Posts: 288
    You are right Blossom, this forum has been so supportive.  I would not have got through to this point without it!
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,957
    It has saved my sanity.
  • LMK74LMK74 BrisbaneMember Posts: 795
    Ditto @Sister. It helps you not feel so alone. The people here rock.
     <3  :)
  • Caz1Caz1 Bayside , Melbourne Member Posts: 373
    This online sisterhood is magnificent. What a kind, caring community. Thank you everyone! <3  

  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,136
    We are all Sisters from a different Mister!!  ( I heard that phrase the other day & really 'liked it'!!)

    Yep - a great way to share common ground thanks to the wonderful people on the forum.
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