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Lymphoedema Support Group of South Australia 25/9/2019

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Hello everyone, my apologies for the late post, you can view Ms Bonaros speech from yesterday 25/9/19 via the link below.

Lymphoedema Support Group of SA (LSGSA)  

Dear All,

Following on from Ms Bonaros's speech in SA Parliament recently, The LSGSA has just received confirmation that Ms Connie Bonaros MLC (SA Best) who continues to support the LSGSA's advocacy efforts, will be raising a motion TODAY calling for:

- Compression Garment Scheme and
- Dedicated Public Lymphoedema Services in SA.

Ms Bonnaros will be speaking in the SA Legislative Council sometime after 4 pm today (25/9/2019)

You can watch Ms Bonaros's Speech here: https://www2.parliament.sa.gov.au/broadcast/LiveBroadcast.html?fbclid=IwAR37QLPmjMz5SXbx1TSmJc2rlmXTs-Gc8zRQXArscgqiQznMg9xRwp52-Zo

The LSGSA continues to work hard to bring about meaningful and sustainable change for the SA Lymphoedema Community and we need your help.

How can you show your support?

😊 Share this email with anyone you feel would be able to help.

😊 Attend the Public Gallery at Parliament House (25/9/19)

😊 Contact your local MP - let them know how the lack of a compression garment subsidy and dedicated public services affects YOU. Ask them to support the LSGSA and join the call for better health outcomes for the SA Lymphoedema Community.

😊 Become a member of the LSGSA - the more members we have the stronger our voice.

Best regards,

Lymphoedema Support Group of SA (LSGSA)    


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