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Weds 2nd November

Met with my new employer today to discuss when I would be able to start my new job.  I have to admit I'm very disappointed I couldn't start today but as she said I have to make myself a priority now.

She's right of course, but it doesn't stop me feeling guilty about not starting....oh well these things happen.  I am really lucky to have such a considerate employer.

I've had a quiet day otherwise, I seem to be very tired at the moment....I guess that's part of all this. I think I'm getting a bit nervous about the surgery but I'm trying to keep strong.

I'll keep it brief tonight as I'm heading off to bed - I'm sure I'll be back to my usual sparkly self tomorrow.

Until then everyone....take care

Oh and thanks to everyone who have been responding to my blog - I simply love to hear from you and I hope this continues.

Bye for now