Ex-Med Exercise (Melbournians only)

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I did the Ex-Med programme last year in their trial phase. Yesterday I received an email saying they were up and running and open to anyone who's had cancer.

We don't have the Encore programme in Victoria, and while we have to pay for this one, I can thoroughly recommend it for post-active treatment strength and fitness training. Several members of the forum have done it and loved it.

From the email:

"EX-MED Cancer is the result of years of scientific research, refined by extensive consultation
with cancer patients and health professionals. EX-MED Cancer
helps people with cancer participate in
targeted exercise medicine specifically designed to counteract the negative effects of their cancer and its treatment. This allows people with cancer to exercise safely and effectively – minimising any risk of side effects and maximising benefits to their
health and wellbeing.


EX-MED Cancer is now open to
all people with cancer. Cancer patients with any type and stage or cancer, at any point before, during or after treatment are eligible
to participate. The program is tailored to each person’s individual needs based on their type and stage of cancer, the treatments they have had, are receiving and/or will receive, any side-effects they are experiencing, their overall health status and their
physical ability.

People who have already participated in EX-MED Cancer are very welcome to
participate again as many times as they wish.



 All EX-MED Cancer participants receive an individualised cancer-specific exercise prescription
that is personalised to their unique needs. Participants receive a 4-month structured, supervised, program delivered by
cancer specialist exercise physiologists in community-based exercise facilities (i.e. local gyms and leisure centres close to patients home or work).
Participants receive 3 x 1 hour individual sessions, 36 x 1 hour group-based sessions and a 4-month gym membership.
Participants also receive a personalised plan for their ongoing exercise program after the program has finished. 



Based on our Victorian Government funded evaluation of over 200 cancer patients, participants
in EX-MED Cancer should expect a 20% improvement in physical function; 17% reduction in cancer-related fatigue; 10% reduction in distress, depression and anxiety symptoms; and a 15% improvement in quality of life among other benefits. No
injuries or negative side effects occurred to any of the 200 participants previously involved and only 10% of people could not complete the program due to illness.
Despite being reluctant to start exercising, participants attended ~85% of the ~40 exercise sessions throughout the 4 month program. After finishing EX-MED Cancer, people with cancer described profound changes to their lives, not
just to their physical and mental wellbeing, but also to their ability to move past cancer and re-engage more fully in all aspects of their life.



EX-MED Cancer is currently operating out of 5 locations throughout Melbourne:

1. CBD      2. Coburg      3. Hawthorn      4. Caulfield      5. Sunshine   

We aim to open more locations in metropolitan and regional areas as soon as possible.



As a not-for-profit organisation we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible to
help as many people as possible to have access to best practice exercise medicine.

The fee is ~$30 per week for 4 months which equates to a total cost of $500.

This cost is over 60% cheaper than industry standard rates.



Anyone with cancer can register to participate in EX-MED Cancer by contacting
our team using any of the following options:

Website –

Email – exmedcancer@exmedcancer.org.au

Phone – 1300 EX-MED Cancer (1300 396 332)

Text Message – 0421 943 875

There is no waitlist involved with EX-MED Cancer. As soon as you register your interest we will contact you to answer any questions you may have and initiate the process for starting your individually tailored exercise program."


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    Not for me as in SA but I wonder if health funds would recognise it - may be worth a shot...or indeed, health care plans from the GP.
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    Thanks Kate, i got one too and yes it's a program well worth doing if you live in Melbourne and at $30 a month that's way below a regular gym fee. You may also find that if you choose to join that particular gym after finishing the program they may well waive the joining fee.
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    I'm in SA.
    Calvary Adelaide Hospital runs an Oncology Reconditioning Programme, It runs for 20 sessions.
    Two times/week. The group I attend, has 6-8 ladies and  2 Physios. The ladies all have Breast or Ovarian cancer.
    Our programmes are all individual.. I highly recommend it. BUPA is paying all of it.
    You need a recent diagnosis or treatment of cancer.