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One week tomorrow since I finished radiation treatment. I was told it would peak this week and they wore not wrong. It has been a very trying time. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were the worst and now the tiredness has kicked in. Feeling very low today. I am over being sore and uncomfortable but it is the tiredness that is really getting me down there are so many things I want to get on with and yet I just don't have the energy. Very frustrating. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.


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    A friend of mine had a lumpectomy and then radiation. She was appalled at how tired she felt as I was the only person who warned her that may happen. She is starting to get more energy now but it has been six months since her treatment finished and has been very frustrated as she has a farm to help run. Give yourself time. Our bodies are given a shock with the diagnosis and then a further shock when we blast them with treatment. Big hugs
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    Take this time to heal. Things will get better. Being tired is your body's way of telling you to rest. Your whole body deals with the side effects of radiotherapy.  Welcome to survivorship. ..you now have plenty more time to get on with things once your body has recovered. A short walk each day might help after the worse is over and you start to recover. 


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    @May20019 Hang in there! I used Mepitel film during my rad treatment & had to leave it on for 3 weeks after treatment finished as that was when the rad peaked so you may find that your symptoms may hang around for another couple of weeks but we are all different. 
    Keep up the rest as your body is telling you, you need it but as @primek said, try to do some walking if you feel up to it as exercise will make you feel better mentally & physically.
    Dont despair as your body has been through a lot & cancer does test our patience sometimes! Love xx
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    It’s the gift that keeps on keeping on!
    So the radiation keeps working for another 2wks after you stop.Then it takes another few weeks to get your strength back.It took me about a month or so to come good after I’d finished radiation.Take it easy.xx
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    Thanks everyone for reminding me that what I am experiencing is normal. I also have to remember that I have had both sides treated and so double the radiation and stress on my body. It is also very nice to have this site to post on and get feed back from others who have been through this. Thank You.