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I know that in general, massage is okay.  However...every year at work we get a week of being spoiled which includes a 15 minute massage.  I missed it last year as I was on sick leave but it turns out that it is happening on Monday and it goes against the grain to give up a massage.  However, I don't want to cause any undue upset to the lymphatic system.  It's usually the neck and shoulder area that is covered.  From those of you who are well-versed in lymphoedema issues, are there any guidelines as to what to tell the person to avoid...or should I just not do it?


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    Stuff that! Do it! Massage your lymph’s beforehand and you will be fine. My Oncologist gave me a written permission slip because the centre I went to wouldn’t do the spa massage treatment without one. I felt like a school kid needing a permission note.
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    Should be fine - massage or exercise before and after, but that’s really only if you feel it necessary! 
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    Thank you ... I do know this, really but it still makes me a bit nervous.