Hair dye after chemo

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Hi, been looking through old posts on this but wondered if there was anything new?

2 months post chemo and my hair is coming back nicely BUT it's very salt and pepper.. which would be ok but my eyebrows are coming back in my original dark blonde which is making me feel really self conscious and I don't look like me.
I would like to go a shade of blonde but want to use a natural organic hair dye, any advice? 
I start rads today and still have 6 months of capecetibine after that (am TNBC with residual after lumpectomy but clear margins and nodes), should I wait a while?

thank you for your time x



  • poodlejulespoodlejules Member Posts: 320
    Hi @Loobylou. I tried the Herbatint dye about 8 weeks after chemo on my platinum grey regrowth and it hardly did a thing. 
    I then waited another month and went to my hairdresser for my usual ash blonde colour but same result really. The new hair just didn't want to know about getting dyed! :D
    Another 6 weeks on and the colour took hip hip hooray! 
    A friend gave me Benefit 'Gimme Brow' eyebrow gel  when I started to get my eyebrows back and I've been hooked since.
    Its expensive but cheaper in the States (used to be haven't checked since our dollar went south!)so I always ask any friends or family to grab me one if they're travelling over there.
    Stay well and all the best xox
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    So, another month or 2 then? Did your hairdresser use organic dye?
  • poodlejulespoodlejules Member Posts: 320
    Well if you can wait that long, it worked out better for me but why not try the Herbatint and see?
    I got it at a Health food place for around $25. There's heaps of dye for short hair and I managed it myself without making too much mess :D
    My hairdresser uses good dyes but I don't think they 're organic.
    Good luck with your rads today, you'll be a busy girl for the next month or so. And tired , take it easy xox
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    I coloured mine with the Garnier fructis one.  I was supposed to wait three months after using the cold cap but it was more like a month and it was fine. There was no way I was going to the races without my hair coloured LOL
  • LoobylouLoobylou Member Posts: 48
    I hear you!  I don't want to remove the hats just yet with the look I have!!
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    @Loobylou my first dye was about 6 weeks after chemo. I cold capped like @kezmusc. I used natural henna which looked awful but the next color was with dye that was free of ammonia and PPD its made by chi I used that 4 weeks after the henna and a month later I risked my normal color without any drama!
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