Intro- Triple Negative and Hodgkins Lymphoma

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Hello Beauties,

Found a lump in late Feb which was Triple negative breast cancer. 6 months to live if no treatment. 

When advised, I had found out day before I also have Hodgkins Lymphoma (returned) in 4 places near heart and pancreas. Right now all All 6 lesions have shrunk. On chemo no 10 for TNBC (AC and taxol)..

In my 5th month of BC chemo. Surgery looming. Awaiting surgical appt soon.

I am 3rd generation with BC but brca negative.

Lots of decisions coming up. Surgeon talked mastectomy last time.

If I have reconstruction I am guessing it will have to be after chemo/rads for the hodgkins and I may need rads for BC after mastectomy.

It's been a hard road. Still a way to go. Wish life was back to normal soon...

Thanks ladies. I look forward to sharing your journies.

Your fellow warrior
Kylie in Brisbane( North Lakes area)


  • Sister
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    Welcome @kylie108.  I don't have experience of TNBC but it sounds like you have a lot to think about with treatment for Hodgkins as well.  Others will have more info than me.  The only thing I can offer is that there's no rush for recon - I had my mastectomy in January 2018 - at the moment the skin is still too tight from rads for recon but I don't know whether I will ever bother.  I guess for most of us, we do whatever it takes.
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    Shit Kylie, you've got a lot on your plate. How are you coping emotionally? Have you got good support?

    Three out of four women across two generations of my family have had breast cancer. The fourth went to find out what her options were and we all ended up doing some genetic testing (spit in a test tube). There's a handful of known genetic mutations that predispose for breast cancer and it turns out we had one of them, one of the CHEK2 mutations. There are four kids in the next generation, all of whom have a 50% chance of having it, so it's good to know.

    I hope you're travelling well today. Big hug, K xox
  • Kylie108
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    Aw thanks.

    Getting. Chemo tiredness is getting to me more than I thought.
    Emotionally is tough. I do have good support. The challenge is meandering accepting help vs doing what I can do to maintain I what I can do.

  • kmakm
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    I found that a blend of both is the right way to go. On my good days my husband urged me to sit down and do nothing until I explained to him that it made me feel better to do a bit of laundry/cooking etc. One doesn't want to be a princess! K xox
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    Hey @Kylie108 . Gawd, you're not doing anything by half measures are you? Nothing like a thorough poisoning to make you tired, is there.
    Surgery is challenging and decisions about reconstruction are difficult. Exhausting on top of what you are already dealing with, I'm sure.
    I think you are right about reconstruction being well down the line for you. Find out what your options are, but hold off making a committed decision until you have to. Mxx
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    Hello @Kylie108
    Sending you a private message.
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    Hi @Kylie108
    Sorry you have to be here, but glad you have found this community. 
    My wife and I are not far from you. Some of the same issues. Hope you have the best support. 
    I'll PM you.
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    Big hugs @Kylie108 . Wishing you all the best. You have certainly copped more than your fair share! Take care Xxx 
  • primek
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    One cancer is hard enough never mind dealing with 2. You certainly are a warrior. 
    I hope for your sake the bc chemo also has at least some impact on the lymphona, some silver lining for you is needed.
    We are here to answer any questions you have if we can help. X
  • Kylie108
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    Hi Ms Broken Hill 

    Yes the tnbc chemo has shrunk the 4 HL tumours.

    One of the tnbc drugs is 1 of 4 used for HL. My haemotologist is very happy. I expect she does still want me to have the other 3.

    Thank you  ;)