Thermal Hot Springs and Massage Treatments

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Well its over a year since I finished Chemo, Radiation and Surgery. We are now SKIing, my first trip to Europe. It now seems that once you have had cancer no health centre will do any Beauty Treatments. I have been on Dr Google and it's very unclear. I contracted a Spa in Budapest and oh no, no treatments for you, see your Oncologist. Well I see her just before I go, I still have a port, as there is some uncertainty, but who cares about that small issue. I wondered if anyone has thoughts about this issue, I still want to try the thermal springs, and being sensible,I won't choose the hottest pool. I suppose I will just have to go in undercover in the pool, but hard to do that for a  health mud body wash. But seriously, Is it true that cancer spreads by massage?? They certainly seem to think they will get sued, but all is forgiven if I survive 5 years, then I might  just scrape


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    How odd! I went to thermal springs and still do. The only person I asked about it was my lymphoedema therapist as I knew heat was a potential problem. No difficulty, just keep my affected arm out of hot water - literally. As I get my arm massaged regularly, it would concern me if I thought massage spread cancer but I don’t. Many health centres are hyper vigilant about people with any prior health record, often wanting letters from doctors. They just don’t want to be blamed for anything! A doctor’s letter may help. Best wishes. 
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    My understanding is that this is a widespread belief held in Europe... and that it's absolute nonsense. However I'm not a doctor, so check with yours. Do let us know what they say! I have massages as often as I can afford them and no one has ever batted an eyelid! K xox
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    As I understand it, the belief rose out of thinking that by stimulating the lymphatic system, the cancer would start to travel.  It's been widely acknowledged that this is incorrect but the belief still persists in much the same way as many of these unfounded beliefs do.
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    I finished my treatment in April 2017 & have had a massage once a week ever since, it is really important for my wellbeing. Also I went to the thermal baths in Budapest last year & also had a massage there but I didn’t have a port. Just check with your doctor, I am sure it won’t be a problem.
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    As @Afraser has said, you need to keep your arm well out of the water. Even a tiny scratch on your arm can lead to problems if you get it in the shared thermal pools. Germs thrive in that lovely warm mud. I have to have a dr permission slip to go to the RACV spa in Torquay VIC and that is just for the personal mud wrap. They won’t do it otherwise.
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    I’m the one sitting in the pool asking to leave the room! Seriously, I’ve never had a problem with spas - I tend to avoid the super hot ones for a range of reasons. Only problem I’ve had with lymphoedema was post a manicure! Never underestimate how small an opening is required - may not even have been the manicurist’s implements, could just as easily have been the tram home! 
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    There is no evidence that massage can encourage breast cancer cells to spread around the body and it's safe to have a massage even if you're currently having treatment such as chemotherapy. In fact, massage can have many benefits for people with breast cancer.Aug 15, 2017

    Breast Cancer Care UK
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    I have attached a link below to Cancer Council NSW information regarding massage and cancer FYI
    As mentioned, if you have any concerns please check with your treating specialist.
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    A big thank you to everyone, yes it does seem that there is a lot of miss information around. I gave up on the Thermae spa in Bath as they  go by the 5 year rule. They have some nice smaller Spa's in Budapest, not interested in the Pea soup of the Gellert spa. I will get a letter from my Doctor and see how I go. This is what I got from the Spa,

    Thank you for your letter, termal water or massages not recommended in a
    case of cancer. Please consulate with your doctor about indicators,

    If you can work this out let me know?? Contraindicators ??  I will let you know how I go, I really love hearing from everyone.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    I think it means it will work against the treatment you have been given. It is usual when you are having treatment but not so much once it has finished.