Just when you think you can't.....turns out you can!

Hi all,

I haven't had a chance to be on here in a while and have been missing you lot :) I hope everyone is getting along ok no matter what stage of the rollercoaster you are at. 

 So, what the heck have I been doing???? 

 The problem

Broken husband.  Poor DH has been dealing with a crook shoulder for close to a couple of years now.  It finally froze up a month or so ago.  Shoulder recon booked. What should have been a 1.5 hr surgery turned into 4 hours and looking at about 3 months recovery and rehab. Two out of three dams dry and the third so low its almost useless.  25 horses boarding at the moment. Hubby unable to pump water from dam and truck to the paddocks, can’t drive, can’t work, in a sling and in pain, yada, yada, yada.

The solution

Resurrect ancient auto-watering system within a month before his surgery. This thing clapped out 6 months after I moved in, hasn’t run in over a decade and contains a bazillion leaking joins over about 5kms of underground poly pipe of varying sizes, anywhere up to a foot deep, with only a guess at where it all lies.

Work out how to fit “Watergate” resurrection, twice daily feeding and rugging of 25 horses, my job and all the usual household stuff into the 24 hours available in a day. Deal with any other surprise repairs on the property which will inevitably occur.  This place is my nemesis and my love. aaggghhh

Oh, and decide how to fit in extra work so as not to be living out of a trolley on the footpath with very large silly dog due to 4 months of one income. Deal with stupid drug side effects aches, pains, etc along the way. Luckily the one SE I haven’t had to deal with is fatigue thank goodness.

Daunting to say the least.  I had absolutely no idea how, or if, I was going to cope with all this and was feeling incredibly overwhelmed really.

The plan

There is no choice and nil options.  Just make a start. Plenty of time to sleep when your…well you know.

The result.

 Day upon day I have picked it, shoveled it, thread taped it, replaced it, modified it, put holes in it accidently and re repaired it, been knee deep in mud holes and drenched when it blew out unexpectedly in my face.  Moved troughs and manufactured cages to keep horses from playing with water floats. 

 I’ve gotten frustrated and cried at it and said the F word a billion times. 

My house looks likes it’s been napalmed as zero time to do anything but washing and some form of cooking. 

Average step count per day 35,000. 4 kgs lighter, some wobbly bits are a bit less wobbly. LOL

I can hardly move my hip and back are that bad now, all my joints are creaking and crunching and every muscle hurts.  Whoever said exercise is good for you needs their head read. 

But guess what? At 3pm the afternoon before his surgery it was done and working.

I freaking did it! .

Feeling totally exhausted but somewhat chuffed. 

Now where the heck is my wine?  Cheers lovelies.

Hugs to everybody.




  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 3,831
    Onya! Tough as they come! Be proud you've dusted yourself down and said I've got this!
    Excellent work!
    Take care
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,865
    I had a husband once who not so jokingly called me 'The Ditch Witch'. He learned to do it from further and further away and was heard to complain that I had arms like a shearer as he finally disappeared into the distance.
    There is nothing, nothing like digging a decent hole. OK, a decent woodpile comes a close second.
    The sense of satisfaction of a job well done and  having what ever needs burying, buried is something that only those who have done it can appreciate. Well done you. Ditch Witches unite!
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,652
    You are INCREDIBLE.
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,426
    Superwoman!  Enjoy the wine.
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,231
    Go girl 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,186
    Superwoman. Need I say more. Hope life gives you a break soon.
  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,164
    I'll second what eveyone else has said!!
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,301
    Thank you ladies. xoxoxoxox

     @Zoffiel.  You are so right . Thankya ditch witch. I may borrow that name.  xoxoox
  • Lynn65Lynn65 Member Posts: 46
    That’s an amazing effort.  35,000 steps a day without dealing with all the other labor would lay me out flat.  I’m in awe!
  • SarnicadSarnicad MelbourneMember Posts: 318
    You’re Amazing!
  • Michele BMichele B Member Posts: 100
    Wooho, go you!! Amazing what we can do when we have to!! 
    You have earned a wine or two..enjoy!!! Xxx

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