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YWCA Encore breast cancer exercise program Perth WA 2019

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Do you work with women who have had treatment for breast cancer?
Did you know there is a free eight week program specifically designed for women who have had breast cancer, which is supported by the WA Department of Health?  Free exercise and information program to restore mobility, flexibility and confidence restore mobility, flexibility and confidence

Upcoming programs in Perth 2019 Term 3 are scheduled for:

Riverton Leisureplex
Corner High and Riley Roads, Riverton
FRIDAY 26th July—13th September 2019 12.00pm– 2.00pm
New Venue!
Swan Active
Gray Drive, Midvale
TUESDAY 23rd July—10th September 2019 12.45-2.45pm
Participation is by enrollment only and potential participants can obtain an enrollment pack by calling the office on 9440 3501,
or emailing [email protected]

Why YWCA Encore?
YWCA Encore is a national program run at over 60 locations. It is the only program of its type in WA to offer both land and water based exercise as well as information sessions.

The YWCA Encore program is managed by a national advisory board.  In line with latest research, the program targets the side effects of surgery and treatment through mobility, stretching, aerobic and resistance exercises.  The program also offers information through guest speakers, links into local services and presents an opportunity to connect with women who share a similar experience in a safe, fun and supportive environment. 

Who is YWCA Encore aimed at?
The program is suitable for women who have had breast cancer surgery at any point in their lives.  To participate they must be at least 8 weeks post-surgery at program commencement and not undergoing radiotherapy during the program .Participants are required to obtain medical clearance to participate in the program and a form for this is included in the enrollment pack.
How can YWCA Encore help?
Utilising both land and water based exercises, YWCA Encore improves overall fitness, as well as managing the side effects of breast cancer treatment including pain, fatigue, loss of mobility and loss of strength.  The program can be tailored to each individual, accommodating all fitness levels.

The program will:
Ø  Improve mobility and flexibility in the upper body
Ø  Improve general fitness, health and well-being
Ø  Boost body image and self-esteem
Ø  Help to relieve stress and tension
Ø  Help to restore a sense of control
Ø  Relieve discomfort associated with surgery and treatment
Ø  Reduce the potential risk of lymphoedema
Ø  Assist in the management of lymphoedema

If you have any questions about the program or require additional brochures, please contact the office Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm on 9440 3501. Further information is also available at www.ywcaencore.org.au

Yours sincerely,
Robyn Mickle
Program Coordinator



  • suburbangirlsuburbangirl Perth, Western AustraliaMember Posts: 123
    There are so many amazing services out there for us, but I often find they are aimed at retired, or ladies at home. I still work full time (wish I didn't!) so cant access day time events. Thank you for this great info though- I am sure it helps many others! 
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