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hey, have been changed from tamoxifen to Toremifene can anyone who has done this let me know how that went or anyone on Toremifene how they are? I hated tamoxifen as I suffered really badly from its side effects, hoping this one is kinder 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


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    Hi @Barks34. Sorry, I can't help with this, as I've only been on AI's, after chemo had put me in to menopause.  All I know is that I think toremifene is from the same family as tamoxifen. I imagine that your oncologists' thought would be along the same lines as when women on AI's are changed from one to another...... sometimes where one variety causes multiple side effects, another may cause less, or even minimal (if we're really lucky) side effects 

    Hope it is kinder to you than tamoxifen has been
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