Starting Chemo, starting new job

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I am on a bit of a runaway train at the moment. :)
I saw my oncologist yesterday, I'm due to have my first chemo on 19 July and start a new job on 29 July.  Hopefully, I won't get too many side effects.


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    You may not - but that’s an ambitious agenda. I worked through 6 months of chemo, overall I felt pretty good. I lost my hair on A/C but no fatigue, no nausea. On Taxol, I had a lot more inconveniences but nothing to stop me working. If you are well enough, work can be a positive thing and a great distraction. But for some, it is just impossible and there is no proven way of knowing till you start treatment. I had also decided to tell my work colleagues about my diagnosis and treatment (anyone at all really) but not everyone is happy doing that, for many and good reasons. Time off work was minimal, but there was some - my day oncology was very close to work, but travel may need to be factored in. Good luck with the plan to keep your work and life going forward, but Plan B just in case may be worth thinking about too. Best wishes.
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    It sure feels like a runaway train at the start @Wu57! Good analogy. It does feel more under control once treatment gets underway and you know how you react.

    Some barely miss a day, some work part time and others not at all. It is highly individual. Have a plan in place in case you are troubled by side effects.

    What chemo are you having? How long is each cycle? Members who've had the same may be able to offer some advice.

    Welcome to the forum. K xox
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    I am about to have my last of four dose dense AC Chemo @Wu57 and while I have had side effects like runny nose, acid throat, fatigue, constipation, watery eyes, baldness :# I have also been pretty well. I credit a lot of this to walking every day, up to 30+k a week with my partner. We both find it is good for our mental and physical health. 
    Good luck with your chemo and your job. Its doable but be gentle with yourself. I work from home so I can adjust my schedule and have no travel time.
    I would make sure that you talk to them about adjusting things and maybe going part time to start with until you see how you cope with chemo. You are the main priority in all this and trying to keep up and cope with it all puts a lot of pressure on  you which you don't need.
    p.s. Coloxyl tablets are great for avoiding constipation but start early, I only found out later that the injection you get on the day after is a culprit. And I took claratyne that I'd read online about to avoid bone pain from injection.
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    Yes! Exercise has been proved to reduce side effects quite a bit. Do that!  :D
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    I managed to work through all of my chemo. Some days tougher than others. But in general not too many side effects I couldn’t cope with.  Good luck I send you hugs and strength. 
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