Dead Breast Tissue after DIEP

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Has anyone had a problem with breast tissue dying when circulation was not maintained after DIEP?
 2 weeks ago I had a skin sparing mastectomy of my non breast cancer side by the surgeon who did my original mastectomy, before my plastic surgeon did bilateral DIEP.   As soon as I was out of theatre I was told my breast surgeon had unfortunately made the tissue and skin too thin to maintain circulation and it was going black in a triangle below where my nipple was removed. I know it was just to try to remove every bit of breast tissue. However, it is quite painful and I now have to get it dressed twice a week to debride the dead skin and encourage a scar to form.
My Plastic Surgeon says it will b an easy fix, just Day Surgery but won't risk it for 3-4 mths until everything has healed. I am disappointed as I was hoping to finish the crappy breast cancer process and get on with my life. Has anyone experienced anything similar and give me any feedback please? TIA


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    Oh gosh @Sirrah I'm so sorry that's happened to you. Perhaps ask on the Choosing Breast Reconstruction group?

    I hope you heal quickly. You could research foods that promote skin healing. Off the top of my head I think dark leafy greens are on the list.

    Other than the problem area, are you pleased with your foobs?

    Big (but gentle!) hug, K xox
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    @kmakm thanks for the gentle hug haha! I realised after I posted that I needed to post in Choosing breast reconstruction, which I have done.
    It's probably not the best time to comment on if I am pleased with the result.  I will try to post some photos of before, now, (and on completion) to help others know what can b involved. I am certainly happy not to be lopsided and needing a prosthetic now! I did say to my husband and daughter yesterday I wished I had not gone with the skin sparing mastectomy of my right (non breast cancer ) side as the DIEP on my breast cancer side is fantastic.  It is smaller and more pert than my skin sparing right side, although the lack of scar across the right is great. My PS will do some lipo to even them out, so in 3 or 4 mths I am sure I will b very pleased. Xx
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    @Sirrah I popped a reply on your post in Choosing Breast Reconstruction. xx M
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