chemo or not

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just finished 5 weeks of radiation therapy, i didnt do chemo , they said because there were clear margins, no nodes effected and it was a stage 1 early that i didnt need it ??? did anyone out there get radiation without chemo??


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    Congratulations @tisme I had chemo but I know a lot of ladies haven’t. Great outcome. 
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    thanks , i am just worried crazy now , if it comes back etc what will happen to daughter ( autistic )
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    Hello @tisme
    It is normal to be concerned about recurrence. I opted for minimal treatment (mainly because of other health conditions and how far I lived from my treatment centre) and the fact that my surgeon achieved clean margins and there was no node involvement. I put radiation back in the cupboard and I have it available should I experience a recurrence. 

    Not a day goes by, and it has been 2 years now, that my thoughts do not wander to the "did I do the right thing".

    I have put my trust in my medical team and their monitoring. My job is to remain as well as I can, physically and emotionally, and their job is to find and treat it should the cancer decide to return. 

    It is not easy and survivorship is hard. We always question our choices or choices made for us. 

    Believe in yourself, have faith, live well and gradually the worries do get easier.

    Warm Kimberley wishes and lots of gentle hugs to you. Go well.


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    Hi @tisme. I had similar treatment as you. Lumpectomy and radiotherapy. No chemo. I've had my 1 year check up and all is well. No recurrence. Congrats on getting through with everything else you've had to deal with. Well done you.
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    @tisme, if your medical team thought you would benefit from chemotherapy, they would have offered it to you.
    When you look at the stats for most chemo, the improvement in survival over five years is usually around 7%. Which are miserable odds if you have to have it. 
    This disease is random in the extreme. There are no guarantees, no warranties and absolutely no way of knowing if you are free of the parasite. The best you can do is trust the advice given to you and hope for the best.
    Good luck. Mxx
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    @tisme, I ditto the comments by @Zoffiel.  If there was even a slim chance the chemo was necessary they would have pushed for it.  I know a few ladies who have had the same as you in the last few years and they are all fine.  If you are really worried, have another conversation with your medical team.  It is your body and your life and you have to be comfortable with the decision.  Good luck.  Anne
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    if it wasnt for my daughter i wouldnt worry so much , seems there is supported accommodation for intellectually impaired people , people in wheel chairs but not for kids like mine

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