Free gym/aqua classes for bc in Adelaide

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Hi everyone. I'm half way through my chemo and although more surgery etc is inevitable, I really want to slowly get active again towards the end of chemo and during radio. I've heard and read somewhere that we can access some free exercise somewhere in adelaide but dont have any info. Can anyone help?


  • Sister
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    Hi @Emfitz
    Encore is available at the old Repeat but is not running this term.  There are various programmes attached to oncology units - I did a specialised gym programme through Calvary Rehab at Walkerville and it was covered by my health fund.  However, I gave up findi g something I can access now that I'm back at work so I go to the ARC at Campbelltown once a week and have devised my own aqua programme so it's only pool entry that I pay.  I'm also considering a SUP Programme that may be run through a Pinc & Steel physio that may be run towards the end of the year (but that will cost, of course).  There's also Dragons Abreast at West Lakes - not sure of cost.
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    @Emfitz free hydrotherapy courses are run by the the YWCA and you can get details online however they usually don’t run during winter I guess as people are reluctant to go out in the cold. The courses are free - take 2 hours per week - 1 hour hydrotherapy and 1 hour talk on matters of interest to breast cancer patients eg Otis foundation ( free holidays) , clothing post mastectomy, lymphoedema etc. It is very worthwhile not the least because of the opportunity to meet others.

    There also is a wonderful free Look Good Feel Good seminar on makeup and wigs for cancer patients of all types. It is a pamper session and you are given a large collection of top quality beauty products to leave with.

    There are also many breast cancer support groups in Adelaide and might be helpful to meet others as well as learn things that may help you.BCNA have a list of some of them.