Trigger Finger/Thumb exercises

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I've found a Youtube presentation that explains how Trigger Finger/Thumb occurs & some rubbing & exercises that may help it.

The info from the 2min 20sec mark is more about locating the nodule at the base of the thumb/finger that is restricting the tendon from working smoothly - and how deep tissue massage may help to help break down the scar tissue.  This is very similar to what my husband has done in the past when he gets a running injury - he will give deep massage to the muscle, to 'free it up'.

I found that I have quite a BIG nodule at the base of my left thumb - it is much smaller on my right thumb.  

I started the rubbing of the nodule quite aggressively yesterday & I am surprised to say that it already feels 'freer' today!  I still can't bend the thumb tho the pain is less (the  magic oil may also be helping here too!) - so I am stretching it & forcing it to bend as well, to try & free it up  more.

Good luck - it is definitely worth a try!


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    Thanks for that   @arpie  
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    A small win - which hopefully will be a long term one - I'll find out tomorrow, I guess, when I wake up!!   

    Before (and for months) stuck on 'straight' - it has really been mucking up my uke playing & fishing, as I need my thumb for both activities  grrrr

    I've been giving the lump at the base of my thumb a good 'deep tissue massage' whenever I think of it - when  hubby was getting deep tissue  massage done on tight muscles etc, sometimes the physio would actually use his ELBOW and LEAN on it, to get to the problem spot!  OUCH!

    So, whenever sitting, I've been 'forcing' the thumb across & against my palm and enclose it in all the fingers, forcing it to bend, at least to the first 'crunch' as the 2nd crunch has still been painful!!  Then, using my right hand forefinger, I press the top of the thumb to make it bend all the way and hold it there & repeat as often as I can!  If I try to do it without the forefinger - it tends to only click to the first position, not the 2nd position.  Interesting - if I do it with my forefinger, it doesn't click.  If I do it on my own - it still click!!

    Today, I've just noticed that, altho it still 'clicks' - it is now bending almost as much as my 'ok' right hand thumb!!  WIN  WIN

    After .... bending on it's own, but not as 'far' as the right hand thumb

    I just hope it doesn't freeze up again overnight!!  I always try to  fall asleep gripping it under my fingers in the bent position too, to encourage it to keep bending!! 
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    Still bending this morning, tho with 2 very pronounced 'clicks' will maintain the bending thru the day to encourage it to continue bending.  Fingers crossed!!
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    OK!!   SO ..... I've got my thumb back to 'almost' bending normally - just not quite! To be honest, I am  not sure which exercise/regime has 'triggered' that response, but am glad it has happened. 

    Maybe it is just a combination of everything - the oil, the massage, the forcing of the bending ...... it is interesting to see that it WILL bend forcibly by using your other hand to do it - whilst trying to do it 'au natural' just doesn't 'do it'!

    It is 'clicking' just a little bit but no real pain at all - tho it is still not strong at all.

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    Well done for keeping at it. K xox