Menopause + triple negative

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What treatment is there for menopause symptoms after triple negative bc?  I’m struggling with weight, Joint pain, sweats, lack of sleep, dry painful vagina. Help please?


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    I have all those menopause symptoms. I had ER+ cancer so I'm not allowed to take HRT, or any of the complementary supplements. It's logical that you could, but I would definitely contact your oncologist to ask.

    For the joint pain I think I'm having some success with acupuncture. I'm four weeks in (twice a week) and this week I'm noticing a difference. It drops to once a week next week. Eventually it will be once a month.

    As for the rest of that list, I got nothing... Sorry. Menopause f*****g sucks. Quite frankly, this is the worst I've ever felt outside of acute illness/treatment.

    I sat in a seminar last year where a non-menopausal, non-cancer diagnosed woman told her menopausal cancerous audience that there were good things about menopause and that it could be a wonderful time of life. I know some people breeze through it, but medically induced menopause symptoms can be 60% -70% worse than natural menopause. I was furious with this woman, furious. I wanted to throw something at her and her jolly condescension. The only good thing is not having the irritation of your period. But I'd gladly swap a visit from Aunt Flo for the physical purgatory I find myself in now.

    It's an interesting question. If none of the triple neg folk know the answer, do come back and let us know what your docs say. K xox
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    I am triple neg and was approaching menopause when I was diagnosed. Chemo put me straight there and then a second lot of chemo with my recurrance left me there. My worst thing was the dry vagina that gave me continual UTI,s.  Because of this I was told I was able to go on Overton cream, it saved my sanity. I now use the even lower dose vagifem pessaries. I was having a UTI every 2 weeks and have had none since. Definately check with your oncologist. If you join the let’s talk about vaginas group they discuss lots of options there. 
    I have terrible joint pain and haven’t taken anything for it. It’s the pits, I feel for you. Luckily I didn’t really get the terrible sweats, just a few here and there. My Mum was the same though. So just lucky there. 
    Paula xxx
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    Thank for the responses. I am finding fish oil and curcumin helping with joints pain a little but nothing else. Cancer the gift that keeps on giving huh. 
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    I have TBNC when I was diagnosed October last year I was already going through menopause.
    was already use to the hot flushes before I started chemotherapy.

    For your joint pain have you tried Magnesium? Would check with Oncologist first.
    As what Mum2jj mentioned above there is a let’s talk about vaginas page, might be some helpful ideas there.
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    Hi @Moosie to what @Shellshocked2018_ mentioned, you may be interested in the Let's talk about vaginas private group. To join this group, please follow this link
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    Hi @Moosie I am also TNBC and suffering with this chemo induced menopause.  The hot flushes and sweats are the worst I just try to ride the wave and use my fan to cool down.  I don't know if there is anything herbal remedies for this but I have tried sage tea but didn't really find much difference. As with the dryness have you tried YES organic products they are water based  someone on here put me on to it they seem to help me and as others have said there's let's talk about virginas group.  Take care  😀