No evidence of disease (NED) for 3.5 years.

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2nd May 2019 was out patients appointment to physically check for no breast cancer. I wasn’t really worried about it until I got to the waiting room when I suddenly got diarrhea and had to go to the loo. After that I got really nauseous and dizzy. It all got too much for me and I closed my eyes for most of the waiting and went into a semi sleep state. I was still a little quiet when the lady doctor called me in but she was so nice I was then able to talk properly. A physical exam showed no evidence of disease and I am ok for another 6 months until the next appointment.


Still no letter for an oncology appointment. I would probably have gone back on to Tamoxifen if I could get an appointment but now, I don’t think I will worry about hormone therapy any more. I feel much better without it and my mental state is also improving. I have a form to have a bone scan just prior to any appointment but my bones are all now fine since I discontinued Letrozole hormone therapy, so I do not see the value in having one until I can speak to the oncologist face to face which atm isn’t happening.


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    Your coukd have discussed the tamoxifen with the breast surgeon as many clients don't even have an oncologist.
    Do you mean bone scan or bone density scan?. One is looking for osteoporosis. The other is looking for hot spots suggestive of mets. Very different scans done for very different reasons. 
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    Congrats on NED @Brenda5 ;

    Shame you felt ill whilst waiting .. hope all is good now - it is never pleasant!  Good luck with your bone scan. Xx. I hope you hear from the Onc Dept soon .... See what they suggest and why!

    take care xx
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