Invasive Metaplastic carcinoma dx 1st April SapphireGem

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Hi. Just popped in to introduce myself. 
I was diagnosed with Metaplastic carcinoma on April joke! My 65th Birthday was April 2nd. Great! NOT!!! 
Im not familiar with medical term abbreviations I see used in posts, so I’ll just use old fashion ‘plain speak’.
The tumour 3cm at 1st scan, was removed along with sentinel lymph nodes. I think additional surgery is called ‘reduction’ or ‘lift’.  So far so good.  Im managing the aftermath Ok, perhaps because I’ve been down a similar path with colon cancer 10 years ago. That doesn’t mean I’m not frightened of the results of pending pathology report. My 1st cancer was detected early & wasn’t life threatening. I had bowel reconstruction and 6 months voluntary chemo. I really thought I beat cancer forever. Obviously not. 
Im wrestling with having to do chemo again...IF I have to. I quit smoking a year ago to get toxins out of my body! I wish there was a healthier, safer option for all of us....similar to practises used in Eastern medicine. I’d stick out both arms for a Vitamin C injections, and take my coffee  black without complaint, if it meant getting those demon cells out of EVERY nook and cranny via my backdoor. I’d gladly lend my body to be a pin cushion for acupuncture, or be subjected to polar bear baths rather than chemo or radiation, if I had those options under Medicare. A girl can dream. 
Dont get me wrong, I’m grateful for any treatment(s) available under our medical system. I feel for those who have to pay for every step out of pocket,  or high cost insurance. 
I’m grateful too for websites like this, where I can access information, share, vent, learn, find new hope, support, friends. 
I’ve support from distant family and friends, however 
no (physically) close friends to share this with, other than my housemate, an older man. 
Just knowing of anyone on the Sapphire Coast NSW, I’d feel less alone. 


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    posted the above in another post (  )  thought it best to get her own post so we can answer her directly. 

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    Hi and welcome @SapphireGem.

    Yes the thought if nore chemo dies seem daunting but you might not be recommended this.

    However if you know you can handle it.
    You know it treated your previous bowel cancer successfully.

    Naturopaths will claim vitamin C infusions  will cure this but it is a sneaky aggressive disease so I'd stick with the cut and burn method we know works successfully for a lot of women. You could always use naturopathy methods for your recovery process after chemo.

    The beginning is the worst as we wait for results and a treatment plan. 
    Weare here for support as you need. X