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At what stage do you go to the doctor for ‘different’ sensations? I don’t want to be paranoid but I also don’t want to seem a hypochondriac. I am loathe to ask my BC nurse anything as she just tells me, “that is normal. You have to stop worrying’ How do I know what is normal. I have never had BC before. I have a lump under my arm which I have ignored for three weeks. Today I was booked in to see the Lymph Physio but the hospital stuffed up my appointment (as usual) so she had to rebook me for two weeks away. Fortunately, she asked me if I had any concerns and so I was able to explain the issue and she was able to quickly check it and then reassure me that it was scar tissue. Our bodies are so different to what we know as normal so how do we know? Google is too scary. I am determined to not panic every time something physically uncomfortable happens, but how long do I leave it before I seek medical reassurance? How do you decide?


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    Hi @Blossom1961,

    It is normal for a while to think every ache and pain is something sinister.  This does get better with time. 
    It also takes a while to get used to all the new "lumpy bits, random swelling and hot parts" from the various stages of treatment.  
    I would have visited my GP pretty much every week or so for a number of months afterwards. LOL.  If it eases your mind just get it checked to stop the worry.

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    I have had lumps checked. Three so far (6 years) - one was while I was still on chemo. It was a schwannoma - had to look it up and I would be really surprised if a nurse could identify that - four doctors couldn't until it was biopsied! One was a neurofibroma (one also got whipped out with my mastectomy!) and one was a skin tag with a wart! I get all the glam bumps. All benign and my surgeon prefers to remove them, he also gets them biopsied just in case. Little cost for peace of mind. Your nurse might worry more if it were her lump and if she had had cancer. Your body, your concern, your right to get it looked at. Best wishes.  
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    Do you have a GP that's guiding you through this journey? 
    My GP was on holidays when I was diagnosed through Breast screen.
    The day I came home from hospital from my mastectomy we had an appointment, last one for the day and to ask would he be happy to look after me to help get me through as I was not a frequent patient prior to this even though I had been with him over a lot of years just spasmodically! Oh those were the days!
    He's included in everything.  My Oncologist was happy for my GP to administer Zoladex et cetera
    He's my rock medically as I soon realized the Breastcare nurses are flat chat.
    Tomorrow I will see my GP for a look see after my major surgery last Monday.  I have a 6 month recovery ahead of me.
    i can ask and discuss any concern and he always says it's worth having it checked.
    Long winded response but don't put any niggles off get them checked.
    Take care 
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    @iserbrown My GP left just as I finished active treatment, to teach full time. My new GP is very keen, straight out of school I think, and I am slowly building up a rapport with her. 
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    If you have any concerns about anything @Blossom1961 - definitely get them checked out for your own sanity.  If it is nothing, all is good.  If it is something - it will be caught early.    My surgeon suggested that if anything concerns you for 2 weeks - 4 weeks - get them checked out.

    Sorry your appt was stuffed up!  That would give me a mini meltdown!!  (And I've had a few!!)

    Take care xx
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    @Blossom1961 this happened to me in November , weird sensation & lumps I couldn't determine if they were normal or not .Went to my GP he sent me for ultrasound & mammogram , all clear just scarring lumps & a seroma . 
    Get it checked for your peace of mind , I was driving myself crazy thinking the worst & it  wasn't !!
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    Good question @Blossom1961. I've been wondering the same thing.
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    I'm super lucky with my GP and know she'd rather see me about something that turns out to be nothing than have me stressing about it.  I went to her a few weeks ago because my physio felt that something was a bit weird in my right arm.  The GP agreed and packed me off to the specialist ASAP.  It wasn't anything  in the end (other than cording  :/) but noone made me feel I was being unnecessarily paranoid.  So important to have a good medical team to support you!
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    @Blossom1961 Never should you feel a nuisance or hypochondriac if you're fearful of lumps and sensations that you're not used to. The appt being put forward 2 weeks is another worry for you, definitely go to your GP if you are worried if you have a good one. Sometimes they can get you into appointments quicker than you can yourself. At least someone had a look and reassured you what it is but don't muck around with these things. A lump isn't 'normal' & you did the right thing with the bc nurse but an explanation is needed to help you understand what it is. Best of luck with the next appt & at least you have had it looked at now. Let us know how you go at your appointment. Cheers.