Pain at cancer site.

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Hello this is all new to me so sorry if I keep posting questions that have been answered a thousand times.
I was diagnosed approx 3 weeks ago with stage 2 invasive carcinoma. I have been getting increased pain in the actual site of the lump. Is this something that is generally experienced or is a sign of something that needs to been seen to? Thanks all xxxx 


  • Zoffiel
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    Once we know it's cancer, I think we all become  hyper aware of the tumour. It's also likely that boob has been squeezed and stabbed and palpitatted so frequently that someone even looking at it makes it ache. Hang in there. There are no stupid questions and this is not a forum where you are expected to check the back catalogue before you get involved. Mxx
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    Hi @Mic80, I also had increased pain after diagnosis,  mammogram, ultrasound, then biopsy with ultrasound a few days latter. My breast felt engorged, sore and uncomfortable. Then it was onto MRI, ct scan of chest/abdomen, full body bone scan. By the end of it all, was very sore, really really tired and 'worn out '. My BCN said everyone was different,  and it was 'My normal, to feel this way.  If in doubt, a call to someone in your support network wont hurt to put you at ease. :) sometimes a cool compress can help.
    Good luck
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    Thanks @Makday, this all sounds identical to my last few weeks so good chance that is all it is then. Makes sense too, just worry irrationally from time to time. Amazing to have this forum for some reassurance and knowing I’m not alone xx
    thanks again. Xx
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    Never alone here @Mic80, @Makday, never. K xox  :)
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    @mic80 I never even knew there was a problem with my breast before the screening mammo but I was certainly conscious of it being uncomfortable after the call back.  I agree with the others that the combination of pushing and prodding plus being hyperaware makes it sore.
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    Hi mic80, 
    remember all to well, that after being prodded, poked, biopsy, scans,  I remember feeling pain in the area that I had never felt before.
    But if you are ever unsure always check with your medical team or talk to your breast care nurse.
    Sending cyber hugs your way.