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Timing of Radiation Treatment

Sue66Sue66 Member Posts: 3
Hi all,

How long should I wait before having radiation treatment.??  Have lovely 3 week overseas trip booked prior to getting diagnosis of DCIS in left breast in Jan.  Very quickly had DCIS removed - recently got the all clear.  Can start radiation within 4 weeks of operation but leave for trip two weeks after radiation treatment finishes.  Is this long enough break incase I suffer side effects ???.No one wants to be sick when on holidays.  Alternatively Rad Oncologist suggested take holiday and start radiation treatment on return at 11weeks 3 days after operation.  Any advice appreciated. Thanks Sue 66


  • ~Millie~~Millie~ Member Posts: 61
    Hi Sue, I delayed my radiation due to family commitments. Is your trip more active or relaxing type? How long is your radiation? Mine was 4 weeks, shortened from 6. Have they discussed a shorter program? higher dose, but less weeks. I also had something planned for 2 weeks after and was fine with it. I did suffer fatigue initially, but acupuncturist got me sorted. If the Rad Onc is happy with you waiting I wouldn't worry. It's likely the radiation is a "just in case" to mop up any stray cancer cells, that are likely to be slow growing anyway. I did read somewhere that sometimes cancer can be growing for 4 years or more before a mammogram will pick it up! There are also lots of other articles which suggest that even thought the treatment plan seems rushed and in a hurry, that many people do have time on their side. Good luck with your decision. xx
  • tigerbethtigerbeth MelbourneMember Posts: 534
    @Sue66 if my experience with rads is anything to go by ,you should be fine to go away ! Keep your skin healthy using Moo Goo ,& at the sign of redness see the nurse , don't let it get out of control will be the key . I really didn't suffer from fatigue either, I went to work in the morning then had radiation in the afternoon.
    The whole process sounds worse than it is.
    Check with your onc ,personally a holiday sounds great just the thing to take your mind off shitty stuff

    Good luck
    Beth x
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,483
    Same as @tigerbeth here.  No fatigue, a few skin issues at the end but they healed up fast.  Moogoo is awesome stuff. Nothing that would have stopped me going anywhere.  Actually I went camping straight from my last appointment. If your onc thinks that 11 weeks is fine, then it probably is.  

    Best wishes.
  • Sue66Sue66 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you Milli, tigerbeth and  kezmusc great to get your feedback.

    Sue66 xxxx

  • StarGirlStarGirl Member Posts: 104
    @Sue66 I delayed radiation two weeks for a family holiday, no one suggested it was a problem. So I started 8 ish weeks after surgery
  • Sue66Sue66 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you Stargirl,

    Yes, I am leaning toward having a nice holiday (there will be lots of walking involved) and wait till breasts are fully healed after surgery and then have radiation (3 weeks one day)  on return.

    Sue66 xx  

  • NickstaNicksta Member Posts: 22
    @Sue66 I had 25 rounds of radiation with a boost last August. I was amazed how fast the skin heals if you can take care of it.We were meant to go skiing the weekend after finishing radiation I had to postpone it by 1 week. However it was only because the drive was 6 hours ( I am a single parent)and then once we were there I knew it would be pretty action packed so for me it was better to postpone by 1 week. I was  wrapped like a Mummie and it was fine.. The holiday was the best medicine ever ! I think you have to ask yourself what is more important to you . A holiday and then face treatment or get it out of the way . Whichever you choose will be the right choice for you. I wish you all the best .xx
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