Help test a new online database that shows interactions between cancer medicines, herbs & vitamins

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Hi all,

Researchers at Satori Medicine, an independent consulting group, in collaboration with an Expert Committee comprising of consumer representatives, including consumer representatives from Breast Cancer Network Australia, health professionals and other researchers are conducting a study to test, evaluate and report on the usefulness of IMgateway, which is an evidence-based database that has already been utilised by doctors and pharmacists for 18 years. The database provides information about interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and complementary medicines.

The researchers are working to adapt the database so that it is directly available to consumers including Australians diagnosed with cancer. They are inviting you to test the suitability of this adapted database for consumer use and provide feedback about its usefulness. The researchers will collate and analyse the results from the information you provide and prepare a published report.

About the IMgateway database
The adapted database will allow people affected by cancer to enter the name of a pharmaceutical drug or a complementary medicine (e.g. a herb, vitamin, mineral or food) and receive information about potential interactions that may interfere with the effectiveness of the drug.

For example, if you are taking an aromatase inhibitor and considering whether or not to take vitamin D, by using the database you can find information about whether or not vitamin D may interfere with the effectiveness of the aromatase inhibitor.

Who can participate?
You can participate in this study if you:
  • have been diagnosed with breast cancer, or are a carer
  • are comfortable reading and writing in English.
What does the study involve?
The survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete and your responses will be confidential.

You will be asked to complete an online survey. The survey includes several general questions, such as:
  • Whether or not you use (or have used) a complementary medicine.
  • Where you would go for information about complementary medicines (e.g. your doctor, friends, online, family).
  • Whether you are concerned about possible interactions between cancer medicines and complementary medicines.
You will then be presented with a short, fictional scenario of a patient who is taking two pharmaceutical drugs and is considering taking two specified complementary medicines. You will be asked to use the online IMgateway database to see whether there are any interactions between the drugs and the complementary medicines. You will also be asked to provide feedback about the database and how easy it was to complete the task.

How do I take part?
If you are interested in taking part in the survey, please click the following link which provides a Participant Information Form providing details about the study:
Once you have read the Participant Information Form and you consent to take part in the survey, then click the Survey link below. Please take the survey by 27 February 2019 on a computer and not on a phone or tablet.

Survey Link
By clicking this link you are indicating that you have read the Participant Information Form and consent to take part in the survey:

Your name and any other identifying information is not asked for in the questionnaire. The data collected will be reported as aggregated data. Any quotes used from answers given to any of the questions will not be able to identify any individual. By taking this survey you are providing your consent (agreement) for the researchers to collect and store your answers on Survey Monkey’s overseas server (large computer).
  • For further information on BCNA’s Privacy Statement please click here.
  • For a copy of SurveyMonkey’s Privacy Statement please click here.
Thanks so much for considering this opportunity!


  • Judy_M
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    Thanks Lisa. I completed the survey, but found the data base a bit confusing to use. Hopefully feedback will help streamline the process, because I think it could be a very useful tool. 
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     added it to the TNBC group on facebook for you 
  • Lisa_BCNA
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    @Judy_M, thanks so much for taking the survey and for your feedback! The researchers will really appreciate your suggestions about changes that could make the database easier to use.  
  • Lisa_BCNA
    Lisa_BCNA Staff Posts: 140
    Thanks so much @SoldierCrab! That's wonderful. 

  • Brenda5
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    Pretty basic, did not include CBD oil. After I searched Magnesium it wouldn't allow me to add in D3 as well. 
  • Nuala
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    They might get more people responding if you could do it via a tablet rather than needing a computer. I gave up once I realised  I needed to turn on the computer. Maybe that’s chemo brain
  • primek
    primek Member Posts: 5,392
    Yep. I couldn't do it as I couldn't complete on my phone which was a bit disappointing 
  • pammiesyd
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    Me too. Only have iPad for the moment.
  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Thanks for the feedback ladies I will let @Lisa_BCNA know
  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Hello everyone,
    Thank you to all who responded, the survey closed on 27 February 2019.
    regards Giovanna
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