Amusing myself with photoshop

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I start chemo in approximately 10 days and the thought of losing my hair and other side effects on my body of chemo has been playing havoc with my emotional state. I know I shouldn't worry about it as health is more important but sometimes I feel like I need to mourn my 'former self'. It was 36 degrees here today and I wanted to stay inside and away from people after so much energy was spent yesterday. So I started looking for apps to see how I might look with really short hair. I found one app that I think is aimed at younger audience (I won't name it so to abide by forum rules)  but I had so much fun using it and trying all sorts of looks. It also has photoshop features - meaning I could pep my skin, remove wrinkles and do silly movie star looks. It gave me a good laugh :) Highly recommend fun like that when you feel low. 


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    Keep up with the lighthearted certainly helps. My husband took to my balt noggin with a pack of textas. When I went for my chemo, the nurses had me remove my beanie to show off the latest artwork. Had a stick figure pushing a lawnmower with little dotty dashes depicting grass. Another time had dashes around the top of my head with a pair of scissors and a sigh saying "Cut Here".  Another time, had two saying "Brain Examination Hatch" The second sign said "Use opposite Port"... you get the idea...sheeshhh...
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    Good on you LisaJHM,
    l have been thinking about Chemotherapy as I will have my plan in the new year, as I’ve just had surgery a week ago.
    At this stage I’m not worried about loosing my hair as it will grow back.
    But I say that now lol..... but who knows what my reaction will be when it actually happens.
    I have shoulder length hair, and I’m thinking of getting my hairdresser to crop it really short on the sides with some pink highlights on top that I can spike up.Not sure on how it will look but if Chemo is going to take my hair it can take my hideous hair lol....
    I have a local wig library if I wish to borrow a wig, most likely wear head scarves as there are some really nice ones on eBay.
    As with other side affects take one day at a time, I’ve spoken to a lot of women and everyone’s experience has been different, but the one thing I have heard from everyone that it is doable.
    Sounds like you’re just ahead of me in treatment, keep me posted on how you go.
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