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I have a lump on my right breast and my GP told me to have ultrasound. Does anyone know how much does it cost for an ultrasound and whether it is covered by medicare? 


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    Hi @Mjjeje, welcome to the site.  It’s good that you’ve been to your GP to get the lump checked out. If you have a current Medicare card and referral from your GP you may be eligible to have the ultrasound bulk-billed with no cost to you. Did your GP give you an Ultrasound request form?  If so you should be able to ring the number of the imaging place and they will be able to confirm for sure before you go.

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    Thank you for your response. Yes, I got the referral form from the GP but was told that it may not be covered by the medicare and can be very costly. But will call up the imaging centre, thanks x
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    If you're in an area where there are multiple imaging companies, you can use your referral at any of them so shop around for both price and appointment times (if you have the energy).
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    My ultrasounds cost me until my diagnosis.
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     I had to pay for the first mammogram, ultra sound and needle biopsy.  From memory the gap was about $180 for the mammo and $240 for the u/sound but that was including the biopsy so was probably higher than normal. 

    Just give them a ring and ask and definitely shop around.  
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    Welcome to the forum, @Mjjeje - ask away on any question .... or click on the 'Discussion' button & then write in the 'search section' any word or topic you may be interested in.  You will find terrific support & information here, from those who have gone before you xx

    If there is a Medicare Number on the referral, I believe it is usually bulk billed?

    If you are on a pension or have a Centrelink card, it should be bulk billed (but I had to pay about $180 when I had my Biopsy last Dec, which involved the Dr doing the biopsy plus a technician doing the ultrasound as well.) 

    All the best with your US xxx  (Maybe, ask them if you've got 'dense breast tissue' - it is good to know!!)

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    In Qld I have never had to pay any gaps for ultrasound, mammograms, ct scans, bone scans or biopsys. They were all done via gp or surgeon or oncologist referrals.