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I saw the radiographer today. I told him no. I am not going to have radiation. I know you lovely ladies would have supported me through it but I couldn't handle anymore. I am taking my 85+% chance of non reoccurance along with the herceptin and risking it. They tell me I would have up to 95% chance of non reoccurance with the radiation but then they could never use it on that area again if it did reoccur. Also, my chances of lymphodema would be considerably higher. My head is not in a good space with this so I said thank you but no. Very proud of my sisters here on the forum who have been able to plough ahead but for me right now, it is a non event. My BC nurse is going to be fuming with me but I am a bit tired of the dictatorship and just want some support for my decisions. Fortunately, hubby 'gets' it. 


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    You have to do what you feel is right for you and I can understand your decision.  I also refused further treatment and have no regrets.  My friend refused 4 years ago and is still here.  I fully believe that at some stage we begin to crave some quality in our lives instead of mere quantity.
    Has your medical team suggested having a little break to get your had in the right space then going for it then ?
    Hang onto that wonderful supportive hubby !  Anne
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    You've just got to go with your gut feeling, @Blossom1961  ...... you'll still have your regular checkups & be vigilant yourself - so all the best!!  Take care  xx
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    Last year when I saw the radiation oncologist I was told the decision to have radiation treatment was mine 
    I chose to have the treatment which slightly increased my survival chances 
    but in life there is no guarantees which I have accepted
    I fully support each individual choice to have treatment or not to have treatment because only the individual know what is best for our wellbeing and the medical professionals should respect our decision and give the patient support
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    Hey @Blossom1961

    Totally support your decision.  Sometimes we have to follow our instincts. 

    I considered keeping the radiation "up my sleeve" so to speak, just in case.  I chose to take the extra percentage cover purely because the thing had spread quite extensively as it was.  If it had been less invasive as far as the nodes and surrounding area I would have probably opted out as well.  As it turned out I had next to issues at all with the rads so I am content with my decision.

    You just have to do what feels right for you at the time. No guilt, no regrets right?

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    Thank you so much ladies. Today has been extremely stressful but this is a decision that I have been sitting on for a couple months so it is good to finally set it out. They couldn't give me the stats for taking herceptin but I would presume that will lower the chances of reoccurrence further, else why have it! I do think it strange that they have these medical meetings with your team to discuss what is best for you, without taking your feelings into account. I was told numerous times that this is what the team thought was best for me. I'm afraid it made me dig my heels in further even though it upset me. Once again, thank you. It is nice to have a bit of extra support.
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    In the end it is your body and your choice.  As long as you are informed, it is no-one else's business.
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    Hi @Blossom1961 I also made an 'unpopular' decision with my treatment and after a few goes at trying to change my mind the oncologist said he wouldn't mention it again and we left it at that.My surgeon told me that Herceptin has been the biggest game changer and has remarkably increased survival rates for HER2+patients so for me that decision was easy.
    Good luck with it all!
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    Good luck with your decision it is our body after all!  It is not an easy road no matter which way we go 
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    They've done their duty and explained the risks and benefits and you've made the decision with all tbe facts.  It's your body after all. 
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    I didn't have radiation either. The radiographer said 'in my case' it might do more harm than good.
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    Congrats on making this decision . Its nice to have some control.  Yes i too will be asking all the questions come January. Ive had 2 surgeries, including all nodes removed and mastectomy.  There is no cancer yet they are still talking radiation. It confuses me as to why. 
    Love Trikki2 
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    It'll be to mop up any escapee cells @Trikki2
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    I get it @Blossom1961... just had surgery last week only to find out the margins are not clear and need to go back for more surgery right before Christmas then start radiation next year on both left breast and lymph nodes...its so tough mentally. Aside from being over it with treatments its also the toll it takes on your relationships etc that is challenging. @Trikki2 why radiation after mastectomy? I thought if you have mastectomy there is no need for it? I can understand with lumpectomy but not with mastectomy.....
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    Hello @Louise J

    The following link provides information regarding the guidelines for radiotherapy post mastectomy