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Hi there, I decided on a double mastectomy and implants when my surgery was completed on the 30th July. I just wondered if someone who has also done this for a longer period than me, could tell me how long it takes for them to feel a little more comfortable (if ever) than they do now. I am still sleeping with a pillow tucked under them...and they feel sore around the edges most of the time.. I would love to hear that this is going to get better!!!!:) 


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    Hi @bunr. Have you asked this question on the Choosing Breast Reconstruction group? Lots of women there who'd be able to help. K xox
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    Thank you I have just checked out and have applied to be accepted...into the private group. 
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    I didn't go straight to implant but had tissue expanders 1st up.

    They were really uncomfortable for around 6 weeks then not too bad.

    When I had changeover surgery I was very tight for around  6 months. My surgeon recommended massage to the chest muscle  (a squeeze actually) which relaxed the muscle over it.

    I did sleep with a pillow for a long time and even now 2 years on I like to hug a small pillow when in my side as it is more comfortable. 

    I can't recall being sore at the edges but underneath initially felt like a tight wired bra was sewn in.

    @socoda might have good advice.
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    Hi. I just had one implant 16 months ago now. And its just been the past few months where ive felt mostly back to "normal" again. Ie im able to stretch right out again or lift heavy things without the weird twisting feeling. I have just recently started to be able to lie on the implant side in bed but  not for a long time. It takes a while for the body to adjust. Around a year for me and i was pretty fit and active beforehand. Good luck. It sucks. I was always worrying should i do this oe that and my partner said the most helpful thing.... just go ahead and do whatever you want and if a problem crops up deal with it then. And now im feeling on top of the world. Hang in there. Youve been through a lot and good times are ahead!!!! X
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    Thank you so much for your responses, yes we have all been through so much and I feel if we can say it will be a lot better in a year then all is tolerable...I guess!! I have gone back to doing pilates and gym work and just wonder if it is too early, in other words making the area sorer because of this. I will go crazy if I don't do something though. I just hope one day I won't even know they are there... looking forward to that. xx
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    I thought implants would feel so much better than the expander, it appears I am wrong. This was the grim hope I was hanging onto, as I really don't like the expander.
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    Any hope they'll 'settle' @crafty? How long have they been in? So sorry they're not what you hoped. K xox
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    Hi @bunr, (sorry, found this message half completed) I found that mine felt hard and very foreign for about the first 10 months and then it started to soften and drop slightly. I went back to the gym at about three months after my surgery (single mastectomy with immediate recon using implant) and started a weights program, I had it specially tailored for me by a sports physio to mimic movements I needed to complete tactical training recertification for my job. I've now had a breast lift on both my foob and natural breast and am now 2 1/2 years from initial mastectomy. I have recently been able to lie on my side properly but still get strange sensations re my pec muscle. My implant is now so much softer and it doesn't resemble the hardness it had initially. I know it will never feel like my real breast but I can cope with that, it will also never sag like my real breast. All the best lovely, sorry about the delay in answering. Xx 
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    hi ladies, sorry I don't always remember to look here, continue to be forgetful.
    I was having a bad day when I was here last, what I actually meant to say was i am having this done sometime this year when I feel I have healed abit and got stronger, so I was hoping the implants when I get them will be more comfortable than the expander. Which is better but still uncomfortable at times, especially in bed. I have had it now for 5mths. I am surprised its been that long now that I write it.
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    Our bodies seem to take what feels like forever to settle into the new!  
    Remember there are a lot of things going on that have to settle, the lymphatic system is trying to find new pathways and the nerves have been upset well and truly!  I am 3 years since my implant and I find I can sleep on my left side when I am near on asleep, can't start on my side but otherwise it's fine, it's not the real deal but it's fine and when I am dressed no-one would know whatsoever!

    Take care 
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