Coping with a cancer diagnosis at Christmas, some helpful tips...

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Hello everyone,

Its not long now until Christmas and the summer holiday season.  As we all know, cancer doesn't take a break at Christmas time. 
We have recently had quite a few new members join the online network as a result of a new breast cancer diagnosis.  They will be having investigations and or treatment over Christmas and New Year break.   It would be great for them to hear from our online community re any helpful tips as how to best manage this time of year, with a new cancer diagnosis.

One of my tips is to make sure you have some supports in place.  If you are having treatment, find out who you need to contact if you have any concerns and to keep a notebook with any contact phone numbers that you may need by the phone.  Find out your GPs availability and have a back up plan if necessary.  If you are worried about something its better to ask the question.  No question is a silly questions when you are coping with a cancer diagnosis.  


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    Thanks @Giovanna_BCNA,

    I look forward to some of the suggestions as I will be having treatment over the Christmas period. I am due to see the Radiation Oncologist tomorrow, so it will be nice to know what the plan will be. At the moment we have a trip booked back to NZ to be with family for Christmas and I am wondering if they will work around this or whether I will have to change my plans.
    Michelle  :)

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    Thank you! I will be watching this thread for all the tips and advice. We should have been in the Italian Alps for Christmas but this cancer has sure thrown in the spanner in the works. So do not have any plan for an Australian Christmas which will end up being a good thing i guess as know will be expecting any on my part.

    I have had all mt CT scans this morning and off to have the bone scan at 1:30 today. My surgeon had a cancellation so am in on Thursday instead of Friday this week. Not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Just another to stress about it over the weekend.
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    Hi @Chelley59 sending you a private message
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    @kmakm I will do your truffles in the New Year so that we do not need to worry about fitting in a meeting up time before Christmas if that is okay. Hugs. xxx
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    I think a new year truffle sounds marvellous @Blossom1961! Something to look forward to. K xox
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    Some really good ideas from all the ladies.  I have taken a photo of your comments 
    Zoffiel.  🌹
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    I was still in denial leading up to Xmas!   My lumps were detected in Nov, I had inconclusive US & MG in early Dec, biopsy on Dec 27th ..... we had a quiet Xmas last year - the sibling's kids are all grown up now & didn't need 'the beach house' anymore ..... the siblings also had other plans - so it was just Hubby & I.  We always do Picnic by the water (no cooking for us!) and then we put the kayaks in & have a fish - because  from Boxing Day on here, you can walk across the water on all the boats out there (with absolute IDIOTS driving!!)

    So .... I kept busy with my kayak-fishing or playing ukulele (we had 12+ Xmas gigs) to keep my mind off things whilst convincing myself it was just cysts.  They weren't.  By Jan 5th (the date of my results/diagnosis), I was ringing around everywhere trying to find a surgeon to 'get it out' as soon as possible - but they were all on holidays!  That first appointment I could get was Jan 15th, Sentinel Node biopsy on Jan 16th & surgery on Jan 17th!  Just 3-4 weeks later, I was playing at the Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival with my Uke Group!  YAY   :) 

    try & keep your Xmas preparations as simple as you can - totally up to you, relative to your recovery.  Delegate - get others to bring stuff & do stuff.    Make sure you have all your meds 'on hand' for the whole period.  

    Enjoy it all, with your family & friends. xxx
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    I had a double lumpectomy on the 19th Dec but had decided upon diagnosis in late November to delegate, delegate , delegate , rest up and enjoy your Christmas ladies.