Grow your own boobs!

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Did anyone see the article in the paper yesterday (Adelaide Advertiser but I'm assuming it appeared everywhere as things do these days) about growing your own boobs?  I didn't get a chance to read it properly but will clip it when I go to work today.  I think it was something about putting a framework in and then encouraging certain cells to grow - sounds a bit scary but interesting at the same time.  Again, I only glanced at it, but I believe they are talking about a 4 year timeframe for it to be available and it's aimed at women who have had mastectomies.  If someone doesn't get to it first, I will try to post a copy of the article tonight.


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    WOW!   I guess it was always going to be on the cards!!!  They are growing other bits, skin etc - so why not boob tissue?
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    I dont know the physiology or biology (whatever the right term is) of the tissue but if my body regrew breast cells/tissue I'd be very worried it would do the same thing as my original breast tissue/cells and grow cancer. I don't trust my body any more so I don't think I could do that. Early days though. 
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    @j9k That was my first thought too.
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    I wonder about that as well but, trying to read between the lines, I don't think it actually has the structure of the original breast tissue (lobules and ducts).