Breast Cancer, Childlessness and Us

Are there women or men in these forums that find themselves with breast cancer and happen to be childless, I would like to hear from you!
Time after time I read on various forums the lack of empathy childless women receive when traveling through treatment. Automatically, we are referred to, just get your family to help out there.
I am wanting to know if in your particular area, are there support groups for our demographic, and in fear of repeating myself happen to make up 38% of the population. 
I'd really like to hear your thoughts even if you do have children, just to gain a general idea of how people feel about this subject. 


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    I am not childless (1 child), but I also was lucky that I did not need much support through treatment. I also had a grown up child - I feel for those trying to handle diagnosis and treatment with young children, too young to fully understand or provide much meaningful help (but lots of love!). Some people with children have also found a lack of empathy and support from those quarters. Like everything with cancer, it's all so variable. Had I been really unwell during treatment, my biggest concern would have been my mother - late 80s, two states away and immobile. Not a candidate for helping me, and no brothers or sisters to assist! But I was OK, she was OK. Luck and cancer are not always incompatible! Best wishes. 
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    Gosh both @Joannie
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    @SoldierCrab, thanks for that. @Janet A is actually the driving force behind the group.  :)