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I tell myself to use mind calming techniques and strategies as well as physical exercise but I still get anxious when it comes up to my repeat ultrasound/mammogram and the anniversary of my original surgery even though it is not until 1st December ............... this year will be three years post early diagnosis, lumpectomy and only three weeks of radiotherapy.  It just seems that every time I have tests done, I end up needing biopsies again and so far anything found has been benign but, every six or twelve months it seems to happen over and over.  It is a bit like Russian roulette it seems and I can't help wondering when the results could turn out different.   My situation is so easy compared to the journeys others have had but that still does not stop the anxiety each time.  If there are any other ways of coping I would like to hear them.


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    @Lucky16 - I was like you, early detection, lumpectomy, 4 weeks rads & now AIs for 5 years minimum ... Great that you are 3 years on

    I am just a month off my 1 year anniversary of 'detection' in Nov.  Actual confirmation of biopsy was early Jan & surgery Mid Jan, rads finished by Easter ..... I'll be having another ultrasound & mammogram later this year - and imagine I will start getting a tad anxious any time soon!  

    We're in this together  - all the best for your checkups!   xx !  ;)  

    Great pic, @iserbrown

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    I used to have a lot of anxiety (and apparent twinges and funny sensations) every year, with no call backs!! Stopped on the 5th year, for no apparent reason. Tests in 2 weeks this year and I am fine. Time seems to fix it! Best wishes 
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    My first post diagnosis mammo is in 2 weeks. I keep telling myself that it will be ok, i know it will be ok,even though under the surface I'm as nervous as hell. Keeping myself busy and keeping my exercise regime going works for me. As @Afraser said time fixes a lot of I'm finding.
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    Everyone gets a wee bit anxious as the time for tests approaches.  You are not alone there.  Your medicos are certainly keeping a good eye on you with biopsies just to be sure so that is a positive.  Try to ban those negative thoughts as the mind is a powerful thing and the more you think that way the worse you will feel as you are reinforcing the thoughts each time.  Try for a positive happy thought as soon as those bad ones pop into your brain - make yourself an affirmation - think of the best you can be and write it down then use that to banish those other naughty thoughts.  Thinking of you.  Anne
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    My wife, Midget, was diagnosed in December 2016, was treated throughout 2017 and part of 2018. She had lumpectomy. Her next mammogram is next week. She is currently experiencing what the Doctors believe to be anxiety and  its having an awful effect on her health . She is 71. We anticipate that in the near future arrangements will be made for specialist intervention. I was just wondering if anyone might have some info with regard to this kind of problem, ie treatment facilities specialists etc etc. All of her treatment was done at Liz Plummer in Cairns as that is close to where we live.
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    Hi Mr Midget (or Ms 'cos we can do that now!). Do you mean your wife is experiencing anxiety in the run up to her scan, 'scanxiety', or anxiety in general?

    I would start with your GP. They are able to diagnose anxiety reasonably simply. From there you can get a mental health care plan from the GP and a referral to a psychologist. The GP can prescrible drugs to assist in the short term but in the long run, my understanding is that anxiety is controlled with lifestyle and behavioural modifications. Meditation, mindfulness, exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy, stuff like that.

    If the anxiety is breast cancer specific it can be worthwhile getting a therapist recommendation from you oncologist and/or breast care nurse. They might know someone who specialises in the field. There are also community based counsellors who charge very little to nothing.

    I have a particular back story (don't we all?!), and getting BC exacerbated the anxiety that I had experienced, unbeknownst to me, all my life. It was diagnosed and managed for the first time in my life, a great relief. Since my BC diagnosis I have also been diagnosed with and treated for depression for the first time in my life. 50% of people diagnosed with breast cancer will develop depression, most usually after active treatment is finished. The emotional repercussions of a breast cancer diagnosis are so similar to PTSD that they're studying whether there can be lessons to be learned from the latter in treating the former.

    So if it's any consolation, your wife is pretty 'normal'! I hope things improve for her soon, and that her scans are all good. K xox
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    @midget - I am sorry to hear that Midge is feeling anxious in the lead up to her mammogram - but it is totally normal & is hard to escape as it is always a reminder of our previous surgery & treatments ......

    I had my own 'scanxiety' in early Dec when I had a call back from my Ultrasound due to some unusual texture at the surgery site in the scan .... so I had to have another biopsy.  It took 3 weeks to get the appt & I was going LOOPY with anxiety!  :(  Finally I had it just before Xmas & got the results on New Year's Eve!  All clear. 

    A friend who had her procedures done at Xmas 5 years ago has now arranged to have her 'Anniversary' scans to be done in Aug - so that it missed the whole Xmas/New Year period - and I may do that this year myself as it makes sense & if anything IS picked up, there is a better timeline of it being dealt with in a timely fashion.  

    With everyone going on leave over Xmas (surgeons, rads, everyone!) it just adds to the scanxiety ... BIG TIME

    Wishing both you and Midge all the best for her mammogram & results.  Fingers crossed all is good  xxx