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Hi there

I've just started work again which is brilliant (two months after surgery) - day 3 today!  Yep determined to look after myself and a very supportive workplace.

Apart from stuffing up by medication (taking 2 x Dex each day - everyday (not just for two days after chemo) and then Lox for sleep, yep was a mess.  Nearly "clean".  

In bed by 8.00pmish and then like now up at 1.30am.  I will go back to bed hopefully for a few hours before getting up around 5.30am.  

Anybody got any ideas for suitable vitamins (apart from a good diet) and I'm an eating machine at the moment. Minimal coffee.  Perks to get through the day and yep one day get a good sleep?

I am very productive at this time of the morning, but yep don't really want to be lol



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    Vitamin D is about the only one that is broadly recommended in breast cancer as far as I'm aware. I asked my oncologist and she said if you're eating a healthy diet you'll be getting all the vitamins you need from that.

    Congratulations on getting back to work! K xox
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    Thanks for that - yep seemingly all vitamins, etc I'm normal or above lol.  Must update my pic!  xo
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    I tried pretty much every vitamin and supplement for about 10 months. Very expensive and alas, no magic pill fix.  If your levels are all good overdosing on some of them can make you feel worse.  Especially calcium. Lovely heart palpitations with that one  and Tamoxifen combined even though it was recommended by the doc that I take it. . I ditched all the supplements a few months ago,

    My wake up to work breakfast is two double shot coffees followed by a Berocca chaser.  I keep Berocca in my bag and if I get a slump at work, well I have another one for morning tea. Highly doubtful you're going to get that as a medical recommendation, but it seems to work.

    Sleep is quite elusive for some time and going to work on 3 or 4 hours became the norm for a while.  It does however get better over time.  It's taken a while but 14 months past treatment I am averaging a good 5-6 hours straight.  Got be thankful for small mercies right?


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    No multivitamins whilst still on chemo as we don't want any cancer cells recovering quickly. Vitamin D if yours is low is recommended but talk with your oncologist.