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I have put this post in the Choosing Breast Reconstruction group a few days ago however, I notice that there's a lot of activity in the Night Howls group so perhaps it is worthwhile being here as food for thought as well as!

I was a stomach sleeper for a lot of years!  These days I try to sleep on my back but side sleep seems to suit better!  I had spinal surgery (neck) many years ago and was told that amongst other things my sleeping position didn't help the situation.,,20479110,00.html#fetal-position-sleepers-consider-this

so if you are trying to adjust please give consideration for what is better for you long term



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    I am a 'side sleeper' .......
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    I’m a side sleeper 👌
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    @iserbrown thank you for the post. This is so apt for me at the moment. I used to be a stomach sleeper until last year when I had my operation. Coming out of hospital I made myself sleep on my side for obvious reason it hurt to sleep on my front. Over the months I went back to stomach sleeping.

    I have pain and aches in my shoulders and back the last week. Finally plucked up courage to go to the DR this week and she recommended a Physio. Which I am off to this morning. I am convinced its the way I am sleeping. I am not sure I could sleep on my back tho.

    Hopefully Physio is all I need.

    Thanks again

    Jan xxxx

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