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Therapy after Mastectomy

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Hi I would just like to say first up, this is such a great group so supportive. I was diagnosed with Invasive DCIS Grade 1 in Situ. ER + PR +. HER - . In June of this year, I decided to have a Bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery on the 21st June as my other breast was a little lumpy with no cancer but my surgeon said I would have to watch that breast closely for the rest of my life, so that made my mind up instantly they both came off. I have 150 cc already and going for my first fill this Thursday, hopefully not to painful. My surgeon has told me I don't need any further Therapy not even the hormone Therapy. I do have a appointment with my Oncologist soon just to find out why. I'm quite surprised and a little worried as I don't want it to come back. Has anyone else experienced this ??
I will be having regular examination though. Thank you for your input ladies..


  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,956
    It's best to talk to the oncologist about the pros and cons of chemo, hormone therapy etc. Surgeons, as many here can tell you, are not always on target when they start dabbling in other specialists fields.
    There would have been a multidisciplinary team meeting to discuss your needs after your full results were in, and that may have been the recomendation. Mxx
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    Thanks and yes the surgeon did mention the multidisciplinary team meetings. I will defiantly  have lots of questions for my Oncologist.  x
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    @El Member

    Sorry phone rang and I hit the button without an explanation. 

    Check out the link above as it will give you a better understanding of the type that you have been diagnosed with and it also gives you an inroad to the BCNA website which is a wealth of resources

    Take care
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    Thanks I have been through that site thoroughly. I have read lots of great information but nothing on not having Therapy . 
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,084


    a line from this link states:  "Chemotherapy is generally not used to treat DCIS after surgery"  it also speaks about hormone therapy - a decision that will be part of the discussion with your Oncologist.

    As to fills with your expander, it was suggested to me to take Panadol prior to going to the appointment - that helps heaps!

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    Thank you for the great information :smile:)
  • VallerinaVallerina Member Posts: 178
    Hi El. I had a 7cm dcis in right breast, mastectomy, implant single side recon, and like you was offered no other therapy. I too was surprised not to have been given any hormone therapy as my dcis was er+ 85% . I understood there was nothing to radiate as all the affected tissue was gone, and no need for chemo as cancer cells hadnt spread. But Ithought I might have been offered hormone therapy to help prevent cancer in the other side. most books Ive read had indicated hormone therapy wouild be standard but when I asked the question was told its definitely not offered in Qld in cases of pure DCIS, the risk outweighs the benefit.????  I actually never even met with an oncologist, just breast and plastic surgeons were the only doctors I saw. I did feel a bit nervous but just had my 1st of yearly checkups for the next 5 years and all was well. Things are calming down and life going back to normal, Im not as worried now. I hope the your onc can explain the reasoning in a way that gives you peace of mind.
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    Thank you Vallerina your experience has helped me feel a little better. It's great to hear your first checkup went well ! Yes I guess it will take time to have that peace of mind again.
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