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Am I being overly anxious?

Prime timePrime time Perth Member Posts: 19
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Hi all

ive been thinking (as I do) and my treatment plan changed from mastectomy to neoadjuvant chemo which starts in the 12th July (Thursday) 
I’m getting worried that I’ve been put at risk of the tumour spreading because this is 5 weeks since diagnosis and I have a 4cm ,gd 2/3 Her2 + IDC cancer I also have axilla lymph node positive

i know i am probably being silly as they clearly know what they are doing but I’m questioning myself and worrying that whilst I am waiting it’s just sitting there getting worse 



  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,392
    We all get the fear.

    I was terrified mine was growing whilst I waited for surgery. However with neoadjunctive chemo you get 2  Her2+  targeted treatments...something you are not offerered after surgery unless it's spread. So I believe that's probably why they are doing it. To lessen all risks prior cutting in to reduce spread and also it will help them determine your tumors response to treatment so will know how good the chemo mop up is. Your herceptin will continue well after chemo so it will still be working wonders if there are strays.

    I hope that makes sense. 
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  • JoeyLizJoeyLiz Member Posts: 339
    I had 7cm grade 3 her2+ with axillary node, my neo adjuvant chemo was delayed 5 wks due to IVF egg collection. I understand that worry, I had it too! But in the end I had a complete pathological response to the chemo so I figured if it got rid off the whopper in my breast and the node then it would have gotten rid of any other nasties too!

    Completely normal to worry about these things but I'm sure your treatment team have weighed up all the possibilities and are happy with this delay.

    Best wishes xx
  • Prime timePrime time Perth Member Posts: 19
    @JoeyLiz I’m having IVF cycle also to freeze some eggs probably why I’m extra stressing!
  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,260
    Hi. You've had great responses from the others. The research indicates that agressive cancers, in paticular triple negative or Her2 positive  respond well to chemo.  Having chemo first, any stray cells cells will hopefully be "mopped up" before they have a chance to establish or hide in dormancy. By having chemo first, you're giving them less time, so hopefully better outcome. Not everyone has a complete pathological response, but I would have to say, of recent times, most of those, and certainly those who are Her2 pos, have had excellent responses,  from my observation. 
    Personally, I actually think it's quite a logical way to do it, if you know chemo is going to be part of your treatment.
    Take care
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