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When I had my double mastectomy I had a sentinel node clearance on the right side and a full sentinel and axillary node clearance on the left. 

Since then, no matter that I lather up like a marshmallow with dove soap in the shower then use my normal roll-on deodorant, by the end of the day I’m feeling way less than fresh - in fact I’d go as far as to say that I smell pretty bad. 

I have never had this problem before! Not even in the height of summer. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a common result of node clearance? Or is it a side effect of chemo? Maybe it’s my sense of smell that’s changed? Any amazing deodorants out there? 


  • Renatha
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    I've just had drainage removed from L. aux dissection and final dressing a couple of days later and had been a bit woofy. I am having 2 long hot showers per day to warm myself up, but it seems to help me feel fresh as well. It's only a temporary measure, but I'm still in discomfort and it helps me relax a bit. Best wishes in finding a solution.  <3
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    It seems that I get very little or no odour under my left arm where I had the aux clearance - I could get away with no deodorant, but normal woofiness in right armpit.  No BO smell in left armpit of shirt, woofy on the right. Maybe it's another one of those things that varies between individuals. I don't know if there is any interplay between sweat glands and nodes, eg proximity to node removal. I've certainly thought it curious to have one 'pit' smelly and the other one not. I've just had right Mx and 4 nodes removed  on right, I'll be interested to see if there's any change on the right.  :)
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    I noticed that my rad armpit was REALLY woofy during rads - almost embarrassingly so even after using deodorant ...... I ended up using a Men's Roll On deodorant instead of my normal 'stick' (which DIDN'T want to 'stick' for some reason - just slid over it!)

    I am sure I grabbed a recipe for home made Coconut Oil deodorant somewhere ..... I'll try & find it!

    Luckily it has all settled down post rads .... fingers crossed yours does too. xx

    1. 1/3 cup Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    2. 1/4 cup baking soda
    3. 1/4 cup arrowroot powder
    4. 4 tablespoons cornflour
    5. 5-10 drops essential oil (optional)
    1. Mix baking soda, arrowroot powder, and cornstarch in a bowl.

    2. Melt coconut oil in microwave for 30 seconds (NOT ON HIGH, I would imagine!  It would be dangerously hot.)

    3. Add coconut oil and essential oil to dry ingredients and blend completely.

    4. Store in a cleaned out deodorant Stick tube or in a jar.
    (Some have added about 20 drops of essential oil for a slight scent - using approximately 13 drops of Sweet Orange and 7 drops of Rosemary Essential Oils.)

    I haven't tried it personally - but it sounds like it should work like a Deodorant Stick if you can put it into an empty Stick container that has been well washed.

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    I had a bit of an issue with that during AC chemo.  The hot flushes at the start were horrendous and I could literally smell the poison leaching out in the sweat,  Gross.  it only did it off and on and I just used the dove deodorant but about 30 times a day.  It was both pitts though not just the aux clearance side.  Disgusting............... :pensive:

  • Eastmum
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    Thanks everyone - @kezmusc maybe it is an AC chemo thing, I'll cross my fingers and hope that it is.

    @arpie - that recipe looks really interesting! I might give it a try! 
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    Hi Eastmum. I didnt have chemo or rads since I had noninvasive DCIS. I had a single side mastectomy and only sentinel nodes taken, and I definitely had the exact problem you are experiencing in both armpits. I had given up wearing deodorant about 15 years earlier as I never needed it. The good news was that the problem sorted itself out a few months after the exchange surgery. I also had a fishy issue down below that I  had never  ever had before. I think it must be  some sort of hormonal upset to do with the trauma to/ removal of  the breast tissue as I m not on any hormone drugs either so there are no exterenal factors I can blame other than the surgery. x