Broken humerus

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I had a mastectomy and lymph nodes removed over four years ago and have now broken my humeral bone on that side. Am wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if the bone healed without surgical intervention.  Since the removal of lymph nodes I find that even the smallest cut to that hand or arm takes a long time to heal.  Orthopaedic consultant doesn’t seem to think this is significant but I am not so sure.  It’s only been four weeks since I fell breaking the bone so am not expecting a rapid miracle cure but if I knew of others who travelled this road I could maybe relax into a lengthy healing process.
Thank you in anticipation of any useful information or experiences.


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    Blood flow to the bone shouldn't be impacted unless the supply was affected by the fracture. So hopefully in next few weeks it will be healed and physio begins. 
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    Thank you for your encouraging response.  I always fear the worst.
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