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Hi I'm Matt
A male with breast cancer, I came across this site a couple of days ago, I've been reading a lot of blogs and has been very helpful wish I found this before I started my treatment :-), 
not sure what treatment I'm on but must be a common one, I do 4 at 3 week intervals with my 4th one this Friday then change over to weekly for 12 weeks, then I go in for surgery and if all good start my radiation 
so far so good on  side effects not much really, lost my hair about 2-3 weeks after first treatment, a bit of constipation and sleepless nights, just last week I noticed two of my toes, one on each foot right next to the big toe went purple in colour at the top, the left toe nail changed colour to purple and the right toe nail changed to a hazy white, will I lose them,
just touching base for today and introducing myself, it is a little hard for me to talk about this but am getting better


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    Hi Matt. Welcome! Sorry you're here, but now that you are I hope you find it as helpful and supportive as I have. And there's zero embarrassment here; just yesterday a whole bunch of us were talking about post-chemo hair regrowth... and not on our heads!

    Sounds like your chemo might be AC & Taxol. If you find out from your doctors or nurses you might be able to search on here to find some threads of interest.

    Hang in there! Kate xox
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    Hey Matt,

    Welcome.  As you have already found there is heaps of excellent information on the forum.  Sounds like you are having the standard ACT chemo.  Blah.  Great that you are doing ok on it.  (except the purple toes).  Keep talking.  I think there is a mens group on here as well.  @SoldierCrab might have the link.  

    All the best .

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    @Matt don’t at all feel embarrassed - this is a no judgement, talk about anything, no question too silly place. Sorry I are here but glad u decided to join us!!

    @kmakm - I still giggle thinking about that thread. 
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    Hi there @Matt , welcome to the site where there is no shame, or topics off limits. Yes, we do have a few guys here, no doubt one of them will soon touch base with you.
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    HI Matt sorry you have need to join us mate, I will tag some of the men on the forum for you
    @PeterB Boys we need some Male support please 

    Nothing is embarrassing on this forum Matt we try to be inclusive of all ..... @PeterB
     has a facebook group also. 

    here are some links that might help you find your way around  

    Below are a couple of links to help you find your
    way around the forum and also how to find a breast care nurse and how to order
    a MY journey Kit if you haven't got one yet. 

    It can be a a whirlwind when we first get a
    diagnosed.... Breathe and take it one step at a time. 

    The what and how thread.


    Breast Care Nurses


    My Journey Kits and other


    BCNA Helpline 1800 500 258

    you have any questions, concerns or require any further information or support
    please call 1800 500 258.  The Helpline is open Monday, Wednesday and
    Friday from 9 am till 5 pm EST and Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am till 9 pm


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    @Matt, just realised that your generic photo portrays a woman, wearing an Alice Band no less, no wonder you feel a tad sheepish. Methinks the site managers need to rethink this matter, perhaps interlinked pink and blur BC bows?
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    Matt you can change your picture if you want to .... Do you know how to ? 
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    @Matt - never feel embarrassed on here!  We're all here to help and if you are up in the wee hours and get on the forum there's always someone nearby that will answer a question

    What type of Breast Cancer do you have?  This is a link from the BCNA website to help you understand


    also you have mentioned surgery so here's another useful link, Reclaim your curves site information sheet, what to pack for hospital as well as other interesting information


    and another one on Nails


    Take care and best wishes 
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    Matt my nails are gross from my chemo (which was different from yours), which I finished at Easter. I've got five fingernails trying to fall off but so far they're hanging on because I've kept them cut as short as possible. Several of my toenails have turned very dark brown but haven't lifted yet. Currently they're painted orange so I've no idea what's going on under there! You could do a Wil Anderson and paint yours black! K xox
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    Breast Cancer sucks not matter which gender you are. 
    Have you got a good Breast Care nurse and do you have some supports around you ? 

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    Thank you everyone for your kind words, I will be back later, must go and pick up my daughter from school and give blood for my doctors appointment for tomorrow and my chemo for Friday 
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    Hi Matt,

    You are at the same stage of treatment as several of our unfortunate crew so they will be able to give you some real time reassurance about the common problems that plague us during chemo.

    The manky foot thing does not sound good--it's normal to get horrible toenails if you are having TC chemo but I'm a bit concerned about the purple toes. Best wave them in front of your oncologist before your treatment this week and get their opinion.

    We have a couple of men who use the site from time to time, @traveltext might be around to give you some info that may help you feel a bit more connected. Thing is, breast cancer sucks regardless of who you are, where you live or what your general circumstances are. Feeling like part of a minority doesn't help, but I think you can rest assured that all the stuff that frightens and worries you has frightened and worried most of us. We are all in it together despite our different genders and backgrounds. Marg

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    here is a facebook group for men that is Aussie based. https://www.facebook.com/mensbreastcancerforum/
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    Hi Matt, I'm a guy four years post treatment for breast cancer. I've been down the road you are embarking on and would be only too happy to answer your questions.

    Here's a site that I created to help with information: www.malebc.org

    Plus, there's a Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/727904320668077/

    Can you tell us the stage and type of BC you have been diagnosed with? Also, where are you being treated.

    Be sure to keep us posted.