What do you do (or did)?

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I've found that I'm thoroughly intrigued by the work that people on this forum do (or did).  I read that people are wondering about continuing to work or not, have retired or are looking for work and sometimes they say what that work is but often not.
As for me, I'm a librarian by profession and, due to the logistics of having school-aged kids and living too far from anywhere, I'm working as a school support officer in the library at the secondary school that two of my kids go to.  Currently on leave without pay but can't wait to go back.  I love that my manager gives me my head to do the fun library stuff such as selecting material and reader guidance, and helping students organise activities, and I love working with that age group.


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    I have been a Veterinary Nurse for the last 12 years and was in various admin jobs before that. Has been a little challenging going through chemo as have to be careful to not get scratched or bitten but when u are feeling down some furry cuddles and kisses are the best medicine. 
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    I’m a bank manager and have been in banking for over 30 years. I started out as a stenographer in the early 80’s but once I figured out there was no opportunity for advancement I moved into general banking.  I did private English teaching to 25 students when I lived in Japan for 4 years in the mid 90’s  but when we returned home, was back into doing what I do best
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