Just home from hospital after L breast resection

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Hi I am also a newbie -another 1 in 8 statistic in Australia. A breast abnormality was detected during my routine mammogram. The scanner said good luck! to me as I left which I thought was odd. Sure enough 3 weeks later I was recalled for repeat scans and biopsy. Two days later I was told my biopsy showed Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage 1 Grade 2. I was in total shock for a few hours and luckily took a girlfriend with me.  Twenty days later I had a trying day during which I had the carbon tracking procedure, then sentinal node mapping and then  surgery to remove lump and sample node. I am now awating the pathology results to confirm the next steps -hopefully radiotherapy only.


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    Waiting is the hardest thing. Hopefully you are going to get some good news. Mxx
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    @Jannor feel for you ! My story mirrors yours , I am having my surgery tomorrow & then the wait for results .
    Good luck hoping for a good outcome for you 
    Hugs xx
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    Welcome @Jannor to the club but sorry you're joined us .  This is a fabulous place to be for all your questions and worries.  All the ladies are so helpful and everyone understands because we've all been there.  
    I had the same as you back in February, I found my lump myself, mammogram and ultrasound, core biopsy, four of those carbon tracking injections and lumpectomy .  All seemed to happen very quickly and then after the lumpectomy I felt like it was ages until the results came in. Such a worrying time.  Hope you've got a couple of nice things planned while you're waiting. Like you I hoped I wouldn't need chemo, but here I am almost half way through my chemo course and it hasn't been too bad at all. 
    Take care and hope results are good .  Big hugs xxxx
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    Hi Jannor. Sorry that you're here, but I hope you find it as helpful as I did, and do. My diagnosis was the same as yours, routine mammogram, stage 1, grade 2. The good news is that it sounds like it was caught early. We get points for being sensible eh?!

    Where you are now is the absolute pits. Waiting for results sucks big time. But once they're through you'll get a treatment plan and things get easier from there. You'll settle into a routine. Do let us know how you get on.

    I was very angry for the first few weeks, then very upset for many more. It's good to cry and rage, let those emotions flow. Breathe, put one foot in front of the other, take it one day at a time. Be kind to yourself and accept all offers of help! Hang in there. K xox
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    thanks for your supportive words everyone. I am feeling positive and all we can do it take it one step at a time and take care of ourselves.
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    Waiting is the hardest part.  Let us know how you go, @jannor
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    Hi @Jannor such trying times is the waiting. I am similar to you. G1 S2 E+ but P - No node involvement, clear margins. Radiation (I had hyperfractionated over 3 weeks.  We are close in age. I was diagnosed through Ultrasound.  All the best for the waiting game... thinking of you...
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    That's great news @Jannor, you've caught it early. I'm having radiation starting late June early July and keeping a beady eye on what everyone here is discussing on the subject.  Hopefully you go well with it, some do and some have a harder time. All the best xxx
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    great to hear this Jannor radiation is doable .... it can be tiring 

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    That is excellent news @Jannor! Just wonderful. First hurdle cleared. Aaaand... breathe  :) K xox
  • jennyssjennyss Western NSWMember Posts: 315
    Dear @Jannor, Great results! I found radiotherapy quite easy. Hope you fall in this camp too. You and @finch are travelling together. Lots of support and info here. Best wishes from jennyss
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