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FaerygirlFaerygirl PerthMember Posts: 14
I wrote this poem just days after my Mastectomy when I was feeling insecure and uncertain about my femininity.

Bump in the road
I hit a bump, an almighty thump,
That began with the discovery of a lump.
It was lump verses life,
So I went under the knife.
Which left me bereft,
With a dent on my chest.
My lover, my friend,
Told me it's not the end.
He loved me for me and not just my Tit,
He loved my heart, my soul my wit.
I realized then, he would stay by my side.
And together we would conquer this cancer ride.
17th August 2017  


  • FaerygirlFaerygirl PerthMember Posts: 14
    Wow! Kindred spirit...
  • PatsyNPatsyN Byron BayMember Posts: 296
    @primek - What an ode to your breasts, I started out laughing and ended up crying.
    You have touched me, I feel more connected because of your poem, even though my breasts have never been a feature.
    There is a grieving that is inexplicable to me but your poem has made it easier for me to understand.
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,378
    Thankyou @PatsyN
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