Can someone clarify this please? Lynch Syndrome

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    As I understand it,  Lynch Syndrome is a genetic mutatiom that increases the risk for a certain group of cancers - pancreatic, bowel, ovarian, breast & I can't remember the others. If you are tested, & test positive, it is then up to the individual family members to decide if they want testing done. I guess the disadvantage, as you said, may the difficulty in getting insurance. The advantage, to me would be in the ability to take some control, and start screening for those cancers that you can screen for, and being aware of early symptoms to look out for. There would also be the option to look into risk reducing surgery.
    Whatever decision you make, it needs to be the right one for you
    Take care
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    Hi Joannie
    Saw on the news that genetic testing might become  avaiable in aust to individuals when starting a family.....this would mean that it would be very easy for people to find out about many different hereditary health  issues 
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